NYX Cosmetics

Super Fat Eye Marker


Morgan M.
Quick, easy, and affordable!

This eye marker is fabulous! It makes it super easy to get a good liquid eyeliner look without having to dip repeatedly like you would for liquid eyeliner. My only criticism is that after using it for a while, the felt tip starts to "decompose" a little bit for lack of a better word, and it's almost like little pieces of the fuzz start to hang from the tip. It isn't really a problem if you pull them off, but if you don't then you will get black smudged everywhere! Still, this product is super convenient and I'd buy it again!

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Theresa L.
Versatile- can carefully make medium and thin lines with a steady hand as well as fat ones

The liner is easy to remove but also smudges throughout the day if you are in a sweat-prone environment. The cool thing is that it makes fat lines but is flexible as long as you have good hand control- you can make small and medium lines as well. The best feature is its price. Before you invest in a Stila liquid liner pen or something comparable, practice on this one.

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Sydney C.

This eyeliner is great for beginners who are wanting to learn to do an easy winged eyeliner! That's how I learned and it has helped a lot! The only downside I would say is that it dries out rather fast, otherwise it's great!

Rachelle-Denise  M.
A Great Thing to Have at Hand!

A classic winged eyeline is the trend this season and I am sure it will remain so, this makes that easy to accomplish. It's easy to handle and the tip helps create both thin or wide lines! It's a good investment thus far.

Manda S.
All it's missing is waterproof added to it

This and it's sister/brother? Super Skinny Marker are perfect. What I've been craving from my cosmetic brands since i discovered pen eyeliners. I love the big lines I can make from this. I haven't had any drying out with it. All I want now from it is waterproof.

exactly like drawing with marker on your face. easy to draw both thick or thin lines with. I think I prefer a more flexible brush tip than the stiff marker tip though. the pigmentation is decent but you do have to layer it on and it does fade significantly over time. the main draw of this product for me was the "haha, I'm drawing with a marker on my face" bit.

Sara D.
Good and Bad.

I find that this liner is easier to use than your average liquid liner and is really dark. The only downfall is that it dried out too fast for me. It seems that I had only used it around 4 times and the colour started fading. It started to look like an actual colour marker that was running out and I don't know if it was because I was storing/using it wrong or if I just got a bad batch.