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Incredible Mascara

I got this mascara as a gift at The Makeup Show in Orlando. I was immediately taken with the sleek, unique packaging. I love how the bright Silver "bullet" sticks out in my giant collection of mascara tubes. It is sleek and sexy.

The want is very long and equipped with a smaller round tapered brush. I love how small the brush is because it really allows me to get close to the water and tightlines; as well as deep in the corners of my eyes for fantastic length and definition.

The formula is opaque and rich. It takes a moment to dry, which (for me) makes it easy to buld up without getting "spider legs" and clumps. Bottom line is I love this mascara, it is my go-to and I will definitely re purchase come the time.

This baby is BRIGHT!

I got this pretty based on the swatch photos on Beautylish. SOOOO happy decided to get this pretty. Beyond Pink is an uber bright, neon Pink. This glitter is VERY VERY fine and is almost like a loose eye shadow in consistency. I still have not mastered working with it, but that is user error lol. I'm new to cosmetic glitter.

Holiday Magic!

I got Firecracker JUST so I could do a glittery Red lip :D. It is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the rich shade of red and the size of the glitter particles is just perfect. I also plan on using this pretty glitter in some nail art soon!

Great little set!

I got this after I placed an order for Three Lit glitters. I love the packaging. The sparkle duster is plain genious! The little brush is pretty small and is best fr adding sparkle to small areas or small details but it works well. The glitter base is FANTASTIC, however, I do wish that I could get my hands on a larger quantity of the product. That said, it does not take a lot of product to hold the glitter in place so I think the tiny glitter base should go a long way. I was intimidated by glitter, using the Lit Kit took all the guess work out of the application!

Excellent palette with great range of shades and finishes!

I find myself grabbing for this palette A LOT! I just love the infinite posibilities of color combinations and looks I can create with just this one palette. The textures on the shadows are really nice and the color payoff is very, very decent. You just cannot beat the price on Coastal palettes and how awesome they are for what you pay for them!! Def recomend!!

My first "vivid mattes" and I could not be happier!!

My best friend got me this palette was a present for Christmas. I was immediately in LOVE. The first thing I loved was the sturdy, heavy duty case. There is nothing cheap feeling about this palette. The next thing that stood out to me is that the pans are magnetic, and there is a little dip to easily remove the pans from the palette if you use you own custom palettes( Z palette, UNI palette). The first time I wore these I primed my lid with NYX primer in matte White just to be safe. I could not believe how bright, smooth and creamy these shadows felt. I had never really worked with matte shadows because it was my understanding that they are a little harder to blend and that always intimidated me. I am happy to report that I actually managed to do a really cool look and these could not have been any easier to blend. The color payoff is outstanding, I love the color range and you just cannot beat the price!! If you are into bright shades and love a great quality product at a low price, then look no further!

A perfect shade for light Olive Skin tones!

I LOVE THIS BLUSH!!! It is the perfect shade of Pinky/Coral for my light Olive skintone. The texture on this is so creamy and blendable. Also this box blush will last for ever!! I have been using mine heavily for about Two years and I just started getting peeks of the Silver bottom. I practically wear it every day. It gives a perfect healthy glow. I will absolutely re purchase and I look forward to trying more of benefits box blushes.


Viridian by Illamasqua was my very first Lemming ever. The second I saw pictures online I HAD to have this color. Think of the most beautiful shade of peacock Green you can and you get Viridian. Viridian has an amazing smooth, buttery and superbly pigmented formula. Illamasqua produces a great quality product!

Worth it just for the beautiful shade of Orange!

I have quite a few NYX trios but the Shangri-La trio is my favorite. All three shades have excellent color payoff and blend really well. There is also a nice contrast between the three colors making a perfect "on the go" palette. I am a huge fan of the burnt Orange shade in this palette. The pigmentation on it is superb!

Amazing formulas and application!

I am so pleased with these polishes. The formulas are really easy to work with and have great pigmentation. When I wore these I managed to get them opaque in to easy coats. These are also fantastic for nail art technqniques like gradients, stamping, watermables and freehand. I love a cohesive collection and these are all just adorable! I have the whole set and I can't ever wear just one. I tend to like to wear them all at once in the form on nail art. I can't wait for more polishes from LC!

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