Coastal Scents

Creative Me #1


Mari B.

wow!!!! for a perfect makeup during all night long without a single mess!!!! favorite palette :) pigmented and really powerful colours! use with the "step one" primer for best results!

Monique S.
kit must have. color is what you want

These Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 and #2 palettes are an ideal ‘kit must have’. This is an excellent addidtion to my “on-location” makeup kit. In the interest of maximizing space and minimizing total kit weight, optimizing your creative arsenal with palettes are the way to go! Having these collections of colors at your disposal is a Must Have for getMade.

Cristina LTHP F.
My first "vivid mattes" and I could not be happier!!

My best friend got me this palette was a present for Christmas. I was immediately in LOVE. The first thing I loved was the sturdy, heavy duty case. There is nothing cheap feeling about this palette. The next thing that stood out to me is that the pans are magnetic, and there is a little dip to easily remove the pans from the palette if you use you own custom palettes( Z palette, UNI palette). The first time I wore these I primed my lid with NYX primer in matte White just to be safe. I could not believe how bright, smooth and creamy these shadows felt. I had never really worked with matte shadows because it was my understanding that they are a little harder to blend and that always intimidated me. I am happy to report that I actually managed to do a really cool look and these could not have been any easier to blend. The color payoff is outstanding, I love the color range and you just cannot beat the price!! If you are into bright shades and love a great quality product at a low price, then look no further!

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Sara D.

I don't have the full palette but I have 3 of the shadows from it. (the purple and the bright pink, and the bright orange)

These shadows are SUPER PIGMENTED!!! If you want bright bold colours, this is for you!!

The only downfall is that it may be too pigmented because once I take the pink off, there is some staining on my lid, but that fades through the night and if your applying different shadow in the morning, you won't be able to notice it.

Definitely a great palette if you're looking for a starting kit of bright colours or if you just need more variety :)

Cawansa R.
Bursting Colors!!!

I nlove this palette! The colors are super pigmented. The colors are true to color! I really love all of coastal scents products they make. The company itself is wonderful. I always find something to order and they even give samples. Love it.

Latia C.
Favorite Vibrant Palette

I love this palette so much. I had been eyeing it on Coastal Scents since it debuted, but I never convinced myself to buy it. Finally, I broke down and bought it during a sale and I couldn't be happier. This palette makes it easy for me to do bright look with the very pigmented hotpots. With a few of the colors (like the yellows and oranges) you really have to pack them on your eyes to get a really vibrant color payoff, but it is no biggie. I suggest using these color with a white base to really make the colors pop. If you've been looking at this palette, get it! Don't be afraid like I was at first. Also, if you don't like some of the colors in your palette, you can always purchase the hotpots (which are SUPER cheap) and replace the colors you don't like with the ones you do like. The hotpots are not glued down, making for easy removal. Try it out! You may love it! Definitely a 5-star product in my book!

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Ely D.

love this! This product is worth every dime!Great quality yet super affordable compared to other cosmetic brands. Totally something i would recommend for those who are looking for makeup that is very pigmented.It is very true to color,yet easy to work with.

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Tracy J.
One of my very favorite palettes!

The greatest thing about this palette is the versatility! I found 3 or 4 of the colors were not colors I would use, so I removed them from the palette and replaced them with colors I love! A true creative ME palette, created by ME! If you like bright colors this is a great choice, it is pretty inexpensive if you happen to get it on sale or get free shipping. I would definitely recommend picking this up.