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Beauty Product Reviews

Seems to be working on my adult acne.

It seems like ever since I graduated from college, my complexion has been really zitty in the t-zone area. During high school and college, I always used Clean & Clear products, but I don't think I had skin issues then - I just liked the way my skin felt using them. Since I started having adult acne issues, I've used a lot of different products hoping that something would work. My friend gave me a sample tube of the DDF mattifying moisurizer, and although it didn't keep my face matte all day, it did seem to prevent shininess for a good portion of the day. I was at TJ Maxx and noticed they had some DDF products, so I decided to get this one since it was only $16. For the most part, this seems to be controlling my acne. I still get those really deep, painful zits on my forehead, but not as often and not as severe. I would like to see what sort of difference it might make if I used the whole regimen - cleanser, treatment and moisturizer.

A Great Everyday Cleanser

I've been using this cleanser for a couple years. It makes a really nice everyday cleanser because it is not drying. It cleans your face well and leaves your skin feeling soft. It is advisable to follow up with their clear complexion moisturizer, but I'm sure you can use any moisturizer you want. I also like the product's fragrance - it's light and clean. The only reason I don't give this item five stars is because it hasn't cleared up my complexion. Since I've been out of college, I've gotten mild acne, so it may not be the cleanser but something with my skin/hormones. Overall, I like this cleanser, though.

Decent, but I've had better.

I was pretty excited to get a full-sized lipstick in a Beauty in a Box set from Sephora, among a few other full-sized items. A long time ago I got a small sample of a different color from Urban Decay, but it doesn't quite give the full effect. For the packaging, I give it a 4 out of 5. It is cute and will definitely protect the lipstick from damage, but the little dagger at the end is inconvenient. There are times when I would like to stand up my lipstick, perhaps to compare with others or photograph, and the packaging makes that impossible to do. For the color (Wicked), I give it a 5 out of 5. It's described as a sheer sheen mauve, and that's exactly what it is. I would say it has pretty decent coverage, and because it's sheer, it will blend with most people's natural lip color for a customized effect. For the texture and wear, I give it a 4 out of 5. The texture is really smooth and thick in a substantial way, and it seems to be hydrating. The color lasts many hours as long as you aren't eating or drinking too much. It doesn't hold up too well against excessive napkin blotting, but it's not really advertised as as long wear lipstick anyway. What I particularly don't like about the product is the taste. That's sort of a weird thing to comment on for a lipstick, but this one has a weird bitter taste to it. The smell is nice (described as creme-caramel), but if you happen to lick your lips, which will happen from time to time, you get that bitter taste. For that strange element, I give it a 3 out of 5. All factors considered (not mentioned, but the cost is $22), I probably won't look at Urban Decay first for lipstick; however, they do have a way with coming out with amazing must-have colors, so I guess we'll see. ;)

Wear It, and You Will Be Complimented

I love this fragrance. I am complimented every time I wear it. Some people give me a strange look when I say it's D&G, maybe thinking it must be super expensive, but it is no more expensive than any other perfume you would find at Sephora or a department store. I'm not sure if this line of fragrances was meant to be unisex, but this particular one is definitely a woman's fragrance.

Simply Amazing!

I got a deluxe sample of this from Sephora, and I love it! I am not too concerned about aging since I'm in my 20's, though now is definitely the time to be thinking about prevention. In highschool, I had a perfect complexion, but now in my 20's, I deal with oiliness, pimples and blemishes. When I was using this daily, I saw great improvement in my complexion, with my main trouble spot (my forehead) clearing up completely. It is true that a little goes a long way. I would dot a little on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and then spread it over my whole face. It has a pleasant, light smell, and it leaves the skin feeling moisturized without being greasy. The downside is that it is expensive -- a little over $60 for the full size bottle.

One of my Go-To Scents

This is a beautiful fragrance, and I hope it stays around a long time. I have bad luck with fragrances I love being discontinued. My husband got a gift set for me for my birthday, which included the perfume, a small lotion and a small shower gel. I love to use the lotion first on my arms and upper body and then spritz the perfume. This makes it last all day long. Also, the lotion is very silky and non-greasy.

Incredible Bang for Your Buck

So far, I have Tiara (sparkling silver), Goldilux (sparkling true gold), Paperdoll (shimmery lilac) and Darling (shimmery aqua/teal), and I have yet to be disappointed with any of them. They are all mesmerizing to look at, and they look just as gorgeous on your lids as they do in the pot. If you have any trouble getting the shimmer to show up, just reapply them wet overtop the dry application, and it will bring out the shimmer. These loose shadows are only $12! That's incredible, especially since you get a LOT of product. Also, you can use these mixed with a nail polish top coat to get more variety from them. My favorite color by far is Goldilux. It is a gorgeous true gold, which brings out my blue eyes.

Love It!

This is one of my favorite lip balms. It hydrates the lips well, and it smells really nice! It is a little more glidey than the original Burt's Bees, but I do not see that as a downside. It's just different.


This is the only Kat Von D palette I own, and it will probably end up on the "products I regret buying" list. I think that if I were transitioning from drugstore make up to higher end brands, this would be a good in-between product to get because you get a number of colors for a good price. However, I am already used to brands like Urban Decay, MAC and MUFE, and these shadows don't quite live up. My biggest complaint is how much fallout they produce. A lot of product gets on your brush when you swipe it, and if you forget to tap your brush, it will be all over your cheek. The pigmentation is decent, and the color selection is nice, especially if you don't own a lot of eye shadows already. The case is really nice because it snaps shut firmly and is compact (nice for travel). The main reason I regret buying this is because I'm not going to use it very much, and I think I could have spent the $34 on something else I would use more. My favorite colors from the palette are the aqua/teal, peach and bronze.

I only have one, Twilight (blue), and I like it a lot. I prefer a shimmer or metallic liner to a glitter one, so this was perfect for me. The formula is easy to work with, and the color comes out true to what it looks like in the tube. My only qualm is that the brush is really thin, almost too thin. Understandably, it's that way to be precise, but it takes a while to build up a thicker line if that's what you're going for.

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