Acne Control Treatment Salicylic Acid Acne Medication


Leiris E.
Seems to be working on my adult acne.

It seems like ever since I graduated from college, my complexion has been really zitty in the t-zone area. During high school and college, I always used Clean & Clear products, but I don't think I had skin issues then - I just liked the way my skin felt using them. Since I started having adult acne issues, I've used a lot of different products hoping that something would work. My friend gave me a sample tube of the DDF mattifying moisurizer, and although it didn't keep my face matte all day, it did seem to prevent shininess for a good portion of the day. I was at TJ Maxx and noticed they had some DDF products, so I decided to get this one since it was only $16. For the most part, this seems to be controlling my acne. I still get those really deep, painful zits on my forehead, but not as often and not as severe. I would like to see what sort of difference it might make if I used the whole regimen - cleanser, treatment and moisturizer.

Shelbi O.
Thank goodness.!

This product is so worth the money.! I recieved this product in a sample size from my beauty points for Sephora and it wouldn't have gotten here at a better time.!

I began to notice a LARGE painfull blemish emerging on my chin late one evening , THE WEEK BEFORE I was going to 2 banquets and an induction. I was freaking out and in search of something to use I remembered I had just recieved this sample in the mail.

I put it on right when I got out of the shower that night and right before I went to sleep. The next morning when I woke up I couldn't even see the blemish anymore, just a hint of red was remaining.!

This product is deffinately a miracle, I am deffinately going to be purchasing the full size.!