Beauty Product Reviews


There is NO WAY that you could wear these without them creasing. The idea that these can be worn by themselves is ridicolous!

Even with eyeshadows on top of them, they still wont last long.

Don't waste your money.

But if you already have purchsed one, the purple color can be used on the lips very nicely (:

They actually work better on the lips then the eyes!


First of all, i hate the textures of these. But I think that's just a personal prefernce. But the deep blue color broke without me even touching it!

I don't think any of the colors are super pigmented. But they can be if you know how to work with them well.

Using them on top of bases and wet, I can bring out the opacity.

You have to be careful using them wet though, because they tend to clump.

But if you don't mind adding an extra base, or whipping out some mixing medium, then these might be for you!


Im half and half on these.

Some of the colors a really do like, and find them high in opacity, and then there are others that need alot of work to get them to show up.

All and all, for the price, they are worth a shot.

Every now and then you can find a SUPER AMAZING color out of the bunch, like the silver in the Platinum Duo. But most of the colors still work best wet, or over a base.

Think before you buy!

These are hard to pass up. I mean you can find them for about a dollar and the collors look AWESOME.

But I wasn't so impressed.

The color payoff was terrible for me. And bases? No way. The texture of the eyeshadow works horrible over any base I own.

The only way to get the colors to look ANYTHING like they appear, it to try to find a base that will work, or to use them wet and with a base.

A Little Dissapointed.

The first time I purchased these i bought 3:

1. The White 2. The Black 3. The Silver Glitter

The black works fine and i do like it somewhat. But the silver is way to liquid-y and it clumps up all around the brush. And then the white brush was ruined! It's bristles were all jacked up and when I went to paint a thin line with it, it painted like a normal nail polish.

But i was able to get nice results with the silver. The only negative i found to the silver was that it wasn't opague enough for me.

But the black striper was my purchases saving grace, it works pefectly and because of how well it worked, I will most likely purchase more. I mean, you can find them for as little as a dollar!

All and all, there ok. But they are great for begginer nail artists (which I am), so untill I'm ready to invest in more Konad plates and nail brushes, and dotting tools, these will do fine.