Beauty Product Reviews

If you love sparkle and shimmer, but not necessarily glitter, you might enjoy wearing this eyeshadow. I find that the color payoff isn't that strong, so go ahead and layer it over a similar matte shade if you want both pigmentation and the twinkling effect. If fallout is an issue for you with this product, try applying it with a slightly dampened flat eyeshadow brush using patting motions. I might not repurchase, because it is pretty pricey for what it can do (which less expensive brands can recreate), but I do enjoy the wide variety of shades available.

One of my most favorite products ever

Even though glitter might seem tacky to some, I love sparkle, and enjoy adding a touch of it to a few of the makeup looks I create. I have almost all the colors of this glitter liner, and really like it because it is quick-drying. If you think that not much glitter gets deposited with each application, you can lay down a bit more after each layer dries to build up the color impact. You could even pat a fine dusting of glitter powder in the same shade on top of it, and this will keep the powder in place so that a separate sealant or fixative is unnecessary. It is a bit pricey, considering there are other companies with similar products that are priced way less, but I find the Urban Decay liner to have finer glitter particles, which I like more than the chunky bits found in less expensive brands.

Would definitely repurchase

I would've given this product 5 stars instead of 4.5 if it wasn't so minty on the lips. In my experience, my lips get a little chilly when I use this gloss, but I really like it otherwise. I've resorted to applying a thick layer of lip balm, if not a similar shade of lipstick, prior to laying down this gloss just so it doesn't come in direct contact with my skin. After all, I enjoy the sweet scent, and it leaves my lips very well conditioned. Since my lips are on the dry side, I love that any flaky areas wipe off very easily once I take the gloss off. I don't really use it for the plumping effect, but if you're curious about that, I'd say it does fatten the lips up a bit.

Really good drugstore foundation

This is one of my favorite drugstore foundations and products in general. It blends smoothly, and wears very well. It doesn't dry my skin out like other bases with a matte finish do (my skin is on the dry side); in fact, on me it's more of a semi-matte formula, which I really like so my skin looks glowing rather than dull. You can apply just a little bit for sheer coverage, or build it up for those times you're going for a made up look. I posted a video review on this item a while back--it's one of my older ones, but you can see it at if you're looking for extra input.

Effective and Efficient

I've been using this to clean my brushes since 2004, and I am really satisfied. It gets the color out of my brushes effectively, and dries quickly. It's come in handy since I sometimes need to immediately reuse certain brushes to apply another shade, or to paint a different face. I clean my makeup tools thoroughly and frequently, but I still like having MAC Brush Cleanser in my kit. For easier use, I tossed the original bottle cap and replaced it with a spray nozzle.

If I could pick only one eyeshadow primer, this is it

This is my favorite eyeshadow primer. I like it because it has more of an opaque coverage as compared to other eye primers I've tried. Even with minimal application, it makes the skin on the eyelid look much more flawless, creating a smooth base for color. I like dusting some setting powder over it after I've blended it on--before I apply eyeshadows--for even greater product longevity.