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I recently dug up this mascara from my makeup collection a few days ago. I was very satisfied with the LENGTH Rimmel's Sexy Curves gave me, but then I started noticing that I wasn't getting enough volume from it. So I tested out this mascara and I definitely love it. I actually apply this mascara before I apply my Sexy Curves mascara and I must say, the two are a great combo. I would be fine with Lash Flirt on its own since it gives great volume AND length, but since I love my lashes as long as they can get, I still add the Sexy Curves to it. If you like the wet texture, then you'll be fine with Lash Flirt. The wand is quite an interesting one. It's quite flat with really small rubber bristles that do a good job at separating and getting every lash possible.

Decent amount of shimmer

I purchased this since I don't have any kind of highlighter in my make up collection. A little goes a long way with this stuff, so be careful. The consistency is perfect; it's not too thick and not too runny. The only downside is the smell of it. I'm not too sure if you all notice it when you put it on, but it does not have an attractive scent at all. But for the shimmer payoff it gives, I'm alright with dealing with the "plastic" smell.

My favorite liquid liner EVER!

I've been using this eyeliner for as long as I can remember. I love the way the color goes on my eyes, and I actually even apply two layers instead of one to intensify the black (I love having my eyeliner look REALLY black). The brush isn't a bristled brush, it's felt tip and it's SO easy to use. I don't have a steady hand and I'm still able to draw out a smooth line! Definitely a must have in your everyday routine!

Ups and Downs

I recently purchased Revlon's "Lilac Pastelle" to get me ready for spring. It's a perfect lavender color and I definitely recommend it if you're trying to boost up your pastel collection.

However, I found that because of the color, you definitely need more than two coats of this to get the true color. Because of the lightness of this particular color, I usually put on three coats to avoid it from looking streaky.

Other than the numerous coats you have to apply, I definitely love this color!

Great color, not so great taste.

I'm not too sure if any of you are big on the taste and scent of your lipsticks, but I definitely am.

The "Seductive" color in this lipstick is such a wonderful, everyday, pink shade. It's my first medium toned pink I have owned in a while, and I definitely love the way it shows up on my skin. The shade resembles my skin color but with just a little bit of a more extra kick.

Although the color is wonderful, the taste is not. The taste is quite plastic-y and reminds me of the lipsticks we had when we were little girls. Quite Barbie-esque.

The consistency is great. I can imagine it getting a little dry so make sure you're wearing your favorite moisturizer underneath!

Instant art!

I JUST received this awesome China Glaze crackle polish from my friend, Melissa. I definitely love it and really want to pick up more of the shades!

I own the black one and it's awesome on top of teal and even hot pinks. Don't put too many coats of crackle or else it won't work the way it's supposed to. Just do one, quick layer of crackle on top of your colored nails and voila!

I love this because you can easily have nail art without putting too much work in to it.

  • Fig

Love it!

Although I only have just ONE NYX round lipstick that I received not too long ago, I can honestly say I am definitely in love.

My friend gave me my first round lipstick through a swap we did. She knew that NYX isn't too accessible for me, so she decided to give me my first one! I LOVE the pigmentation on it, and you really only need one swipe for the color to show on my lips.

I have the color "Fig". It's such a pretty, subtle, medium pink shade. It's the perfect color for spring and summer and I'm definitely picking up more NYX lipsticks in the future!


My very first shade I picked up was "Amour" and I fell in love with it immediately. It's the perfect pink/coral shade that has the best pigmentation.

It shows up amazingly well on my medium/tan skin. I love the look of being sunkissed and this exactly what it does. The staying power on these blushes are awesome and I never have to do any touch ups throughout the day whatsoever.

If you haven't picked up a NARS blush, pick up at least ONE and give them a try. They come in so many different shades!

Smells great and is healthy for your hair!

There are so many drugstore shampoos and conditioners out there that retail for $4, $5 and even sometimes $3 depending on the weekly sale. But along with those cheap prices, come some dangerous products in those shampoos and conditioners that can be harmful to your hair. Sulfate is found in a lot of drugstore shampoos and conditioners which results in the drying of your scalp which can cause your hair to shed a lot faster.

This conditioner is a good alternative for those drugstore products. And better yet, it's available at the drugstore! I picked up my shampoo and conditioner of this line for only about $6 each.

The smell is awesome, the minty scent really leaves a great, fresh smell to your hair. It also leaves my hair extremely soft and smooth throughout the day. After I shower, I notice my hair feeling a lot more smooth than before I started using this.

Another thing is, my hair hasn't fallen out as much since I started using this line of shampoos and conditioners. Definitely a high recommendation in my books!

Great remedy for your hair!

I first heard about this shampoo through itsjudytime on YouTube. She talked about how most drugstore shampoos and conditioners have a product called "sulfate" in them. Sulfate tends to dry out your hair which can cause your hair to shed a lot faster. She recommended this line of shampoo because the products don't have sulfate which is a lot better for your hair.

I gave this a try, along with their conditioner that goes along with this. First impression, the smell is WONDERFUL! I love the blend of rosemary and juniper in my hair. It's not as sweet as most other drugstore shampoos are. It's a very fresh, organic smell. I definitely recommend this product along with the corresponding conditioner!

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