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Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara

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Roxanne M.

I won't use any mascara unless it's by rimmel. This by far is the best of rimmel and any brand I have ever used. I'll never try anything else. No flakes no lasts long and makes.my lashes look naturally beautiful and curved.

Laura C.
Favourite by far

I have tried at least 30 different mascara brands in my lifetime and this is definitely my favourite. I have tried about 10 mascaras that are $30+ but this beats everything. It keeps everything so nice and long and defined. I get the volume as well WITHOUT clumping (and this is even though I must put on about 4 layers. Dries quite fast as well but your lashes never feel brittle - still very flexible.

Laurence P.

My holy grail mascara !! It makes my lashes look SO long thats ridiculous, never found a mascara that works as good for me , definitely recommend that plus its real cheap :)

Teia B.

In this photo I am wearing Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara. It helps blend in your natural lashes with falsies. Its also great to wear with a natural look. Great for Job Interviews or just lookin BEAUTIFUL as you are. I will never leave the house without this mascara, especially for a road trip.

Tiffany G.

One of my top favorite mascara!!!! I love, love, love the application brush. It doesn't clump. It's very affordable! It give my lashes a light defined, look wish I love, it I am wearing a soft or neutral eye shadow look.

Krysten T.

i didn't think this product would be that great but it is! the formula is a mousse so it's very very light and it doesn't cake around my lashes. it's light enough that i can put it on my lower lashes and not feel weird. definitely my new fave.

Kammi K.

I use this everyday! I like the smell and it looks. Lashes look fuller and thicker. I love it! I use it when I go out during the day and night. It's awesome! It doesn't leave messy and chunky on my lashes.

Maribel D.
love this mascara!!!

I purchase this product about 2 months ago and did not use it until recently, and I loved it!!! I been using, Blackout by dior for almost 2 years now and this is a very inexpensive alternative, it gives me great volume and length and it is very very very black!! its about 7.00 dlls at target!!! Love it!!!!

Kristina C.

I recently dug up this mascara from my makeup collection a few days ago. I was very satisfied with the LENGTH Rimmel's Sexy Curves gave me, but then I started noticing that I wasn't getting enough volume from it. So I tested out this mascara and I definitely love it. I actually apply this mascara before I apply my Sexy Curves mascara and I must say, the two are a great combo. I would be fine with Lash Flirt on its own since it gives great volume AND length, but since I love my lashes as long as they can get, I still add the Sexy Curves to it. If you like the wet texture, then you'll be fine with Lash Flirt. The wand is quite an interesting one. It's quite flat with really small rubber bristles that do a good job at separating and getting every lash possible.

Jaclyn G.
surprisingly good

When I first purchased this I didn't know about the weird wand. I was extremely leery of it, but once I tried it (after wiping off some product) it was awesome. It really got every lash and lasted all day.