Beauty Product Reviews

best urban decay palette yet

I really do love this palette. Its quite nice. Its a mix of very pretty colors with good pigmentation. Great, sleek packaging. Great for travel. That said, I do wish it has more mattes. It has 2 and both of them are browns. Light brown and medium brown. I also want a matte highlighter. Virgin is an great highlighter, but with that lack of matte colors in general in this palette, if this is the only thing you use, you probably will have a little too much shimmer going on.....disco ball style. In classic urban decay style, it has one color with ridiculous chunky glitter that will just not stay on the eyes no matter what base you use called sidecar. I still use it because i think it is such a pretty champangey pinky beigey(?) color, but at least its only 1 of the colors, because urban decay loves its stupid chunky glitter that falls out all over the place. Example: UD <3 NYC palette, probably 1/2 of the colors have it.

Great until falls apart.

I used to love this brush. I had it for a few months, cleaned it a few times, and then it completely fell apart. As the rest of my elf brushes....they did the same. Can't complain too much for 3 dollars, but I will not be repurchasing this. Other brushes are more expensive, but at least I won't have to purchase them every few monthes.

Best Drug Store Liner EVER

Totally reminds me of urban decays liners, except these are about 1/2 the price. They don't move, last FOREVER, come in ridiculously bright colors, super pigmented, i could go on and on. DON'T leave the cap off, as these will dry out. I learned the hard way. RIP black milani liner. Super amazballs, will purchase again.

Glitter Base BEAST!

I have to say, I'm a little crazy about my glitter. I love it. This is by far the best glitter base out there, and probably one of the least expensive as well. You only need a little tiny bit. I wouldn't actually recommend it for eyeshadow, as it can get chunky and kinda thick. Ew. And good luck trying to blend anything with this stuff under it. Not gonna happen. Also good to make pigments into liners. I just mix some on the back of my hand and apply it as quick as i can, becuase this stuff dries pretty quickly and then you can't do anything with it.