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Pretty Packaging But Less Than Stellar

The best thing about this product is the packaging. It's cute, pink and girly and smells a bit fruity. However, it contains alcohol so this mist is not very hydrating or moisturizing. For the price, I know there are better alternatives for cheaper.

Nice Packaging Only

I think the packaging is cute as the product looks and sounds very refreshing. However I was bummed to see alcohol listed as an ingredient and the product was not hydrating. The Vita-B mist also doesn't smell very pleasant and you can detect the scent of alcohol.

Good for Summer

This is a lightweight, water-based moisturizer that has a gel-like consistency. The Vita-B series is best for oily or acne-prone skin and worked well for my combination skin during warm seasons. It absorbs quickly and does not feel greasy. It's free of mineral oil and its ingredients are derived from "vitamin B-enriched cabbage, broccoli, celery and asparagus." Overall I think it's good for people who want a little hydration but not for those who want richer face creams.

Good But Not Great

This is a nice, light water-based moisturizer that has more of a gel texture rather than cream. The Vita-C series is good for normal skin and all skin types. It contains several fruit extracts including raspberry, acai berry, cranberry, and strawberry. It has a pleasant, light fruity scent and is pale pink in color. It absorbs quickly and offers good hydration, but overall I was not especially wow-ed and would try another moisturizer.

Good but not my cup of tea

I'd really liked it at first but quickly realized that I only used the same 5 or so colors, which is not bad but defeats the purpose of having a palette of 12 colors. The colors I liked most were Sin, Sidecar, Buck Smog, and Dark Horse but after a while I noticed the shimmery colors had a lot of fall out, which made me feel like a fairy with random glitter all over my face. I also didn't think these colors were the most flattering for my skin tone. Overall I think it's a good starter palette especially for people who don't have a lot of eye shadows and want to be able to quickly grab a neutrals palette, but it just wasn't for me.

Must Have This Brush!

I love this brush. It's a worthy investment for anyone who wants precise blending and it's the perfect size, not too big and not too small. It's a must-have for me whenever I apply eye makeup. I also like that it's white because I tell right away when it's time to clean it. I wouldn't mind buying another one to have as back up!

Mediocre at best

I was really disappointed with these which claim to be soothing but definitely had a stinging, mildly burning sensation on my skin. My skin is sensitive but it's not so sensitive that I can't use other cleansing wipes.

I also wasn't impressed with it for removing makeup. I noticed a few comments that these are not makeup removing wipes but on the YTC website it does say "Gently wipe face and neck to cleanse and rid skin of impurities and makeup." (For "On-The-Go Facial Towelettes," which I'm going to believe is the same but smaller size.)

Regardless, I really think this is mediocre at best because I've had better experiences with other drugstore cleansing towelettes. At the least, I definitely wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin.

Perfectly Balanced Moisturizer

This pleasantly scented creme feels light but provides the perfect amount of hydration for my dry skin, even in the (So Cal) winter. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue, nor has it caused any oiliness. It's a bit on the pricey side but I love that it works well for me and is made from a natural formula.

So pretty, but oh so pricey

I really liked this, I think when I first saw it I just "had to have it." On the up side, it works really well! Not only is it a lightweight, fluid primer, it also brightens my face as well as tone down redness in my skin. On the down side, it is very, very pricey for a primer. The bottle and pearls just look oh so pretty...but I probably would not purchase it again.

Love is Expensive

Yes, the price tag is hefty, but this foundation is definitely worth a try. It's lightweight, non-drying, and it gives good (medium) coverage but with a natural look. It lasts long (from am to pm and am again!) and yet it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing anything on my face. It may not be a must-have item but it's a worthy splurge.

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