Vinosource Sorbet


Kiana L.
Perfectly Balanced Moisturizer

This pleasantly scented creme feels light but provides the perfect amount of hydration for my dry skin, even in the (So Cal) winter. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue, nor has it caused any oiliness. It's a bit on the pricey side but I love that it works well for me and is made from a natural formula.

Julianne J.
Nice moisturizer

I got this in a sample size mini tube along with a few other samplers with the purchase of my Sephora Collection Makeup Studio Blockbuster (Holiday 2011- Limited Edition) kit. Gotta love Sephora for throwing in excellent samplers along with your big purchase! I really like this brand's design- its elegant, fresh and clean-feeling. My mini tube is very small, but has enough product to last a long time. It is equipped with a precision point tip for dispensing little squirts of product. I like to use this cream on the beginning and middle of my brows because they can be very dry and flaky, as well as my dry T zone. A trick I learned from my beauty school instructor was to apply moisturizer after foundation application if your foundation was getting gunky because of unruly dry skin. Slathering this on after my TM/BBcream/foundation in my dry spots- Tzone, brows, around my nose seems to help a bit and feels very refreshing. Its also great to use after exfoliating the dry skin around the bridge of my nose and under my brows/eye area. The dispenser is great for adding a dollop to the back of your hand (using your hand as a palette) and taking what you need from that dollop. The creme has a fresh, light, almost floral scent that is not over-powering at all. Just the tiniest dollop spreads over a large portion of skin. It is very creamy and cooling. I would love to get this in its full size, as well as get more Caudalie products. Its pricey stuff, but of very high quality and performance.