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It's a nice classic yellow! It goes on nicely with a good primer, but for an extremely pigmented look use nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk! The photo included has urban decay primer on the left and nyx eye pencil on the right.


This color is absolutely gorgeous! It comes off a bit gray in the compact, but when you put it on your lid it's the most adorable pastel teal! It shows up better with a primer or a white base using nyx cosmetics jumbo eye pencil in milk! In the picture we have urban decay primer on top and nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk on bottom

I absolutely love this palette!!!

This is my go to palette even when I'm not putting on eyeshadow! The mirror is so big that I always reach for this palette even if I don't want to use any of the colors. It'll stay propped open on its own! So be careful, I didn't support the base of mine properly and after a few months the mirror doesn't stay up as well as it used to. Now onto the shadows! These are all great shades! With a small dab you can go far! This palette can deliver the most intense colors, but it can also give you the softest sheer colors. If you dab a small amount onto your brush you can get really light colors, and with a regular swipe you can get a super colorful intense application! I like doing very colorful eye looks and I always go for this palette! One thing I will say is that I was a bit disappointed in the fact that the silver does not apply as a true highly pigmented silver. It was more of a shimmer you put on top of a shadow to make it shimmer and that actually works great for me!


I was very disappointed with how dry this pencil is. I tried applying it on my eyes and I basically rubbed my eyes raw. It's not creamy enough to wear on the eyes, but you could still do some great lip and face looks with it!

I'm in love!

This is my absolute most favorite shade! I love how bright this blue is! I like looking like a clown and this color is perfect for my crazy lip looks! I wouldn't try it on the eye as it's not creamy enough to apply smoothly on such delicate skin, but it's an amazing product for the lips and face!!!!


Great color for the lips!!! Classic red that prevents my lip yara from bleeding! I would totally recommend it! I wouldn't use it on the eyes as it's not creamy enough to apply smoothly. Still a great product for the lips!


This pencil is great for the lips! I wouldn't recommend any of the OCC pencils for the eyes since they're not creamy enough and it kinda irritated my eye when I tried to put it on, but they work perfectly on my lips!!! This color is stunning and it leaves perfectly with its lip tar partner!!!!


It's a nice color and it works well on the lips, but it's not creamy enough to apply on the eyes. I can't use this on my waterline cause it's too hard and my eye just hurts after putting it on. And I don't get much color. As a lip liner and face pencil it's great!


This pencil is everything!!! It goes on clear and I love that so much because I can be as careless with it as I want and you can't tell. Which comes in handy when you're trying to apply lip tar and you want to overdraw, but you make one side of the lip higher than the other. Well no need to worry. Just even them out and nobody will know you messed up. And it stops any color lip tar from feathering without altering the color or the finish!


This color is amazing! It's a great lip liner and it absolutely does what it should! The downside to this pencil and all other OCC pencils is that they aren't creamy enough to apply on the eyes easily.

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