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Murray, but not for me

As a man, especially one who wants to experiment with drag, I want a dramatic contour and unfortunately this kit does not deliver. The colors aren't very pigmented so you really have to build it up if you want any color to show up. However, I will say this product is great for people who want a subtle contour or for people who want more control when contouring!


These lip balms are adorable and they come in so many different colors, fragrances, and flavors! The lip balms are all clear, but they're so fragrant and absolutely moisturizing!!! I had really dry lips during the winter and I started to use the blueberry acai balm and my lips were super hydrated in a few days! I used to use these as glitter bases for my lips and they worked perfectly! A few downsides I did have are that they aren't super convenient to carry around in your pocket and they tend to get dirty pretty fast. But other than that they're perfect!!!

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