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Cosmetic Colour Pencils


Emily T.
Great for controlling lip lines.

I love OCC's Liptars but hate when they sometime feather. This pencil puts a stop to it. It creates a fence around the bright pigments and keeps them contained. Love this pencil and will buy more.

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Ubaldo A.

This pencil is everything!!! It goes on clear and I love that so much because I can be as careless with it as I want and you can't tell. Which comes in handy when you're trying to apply lip tar and you want to overdraw, but you make one side of the lip higher than the other. Well no need to worry. Just even them out and nobody will know you messed up. And it stops any color lip tar from feathering without altering the color or the finish!

Bri B.
Nice liner

I got this in Anti-Feathered. I use it with my MAC Prep N Prime to line my lips before applying lipstick or gloss. It helps keep my color from escaping my lips. It goes on pretty well but sometimes it seems a little less smooth/easy glide than other liners I have used.