Beauty Product Reviews

My new favourite eyeliner.

I received this limited edition eyeliner in a makeup bag collaboration the Estee Lauder had with Michael Kors. I am so thrilled that I received it, this is now my all time favourite eyeliner. The colour payoff is amazing, and this doesn't give you 'panda eyes' after a long day, it pretty much stays in place. It goes on smoothly, and doesn't crumble like other eyeliners when you apply it. Definitely worth the try.

Who doesn't love a massive wand!

This Mascara is amazing, your eyelashes become so much longer and thicker when you use it, and it doesn't clump, BONUS! I didn't give it 5 stars because it is still not my favourite Mascara, and the price is ridiculous. I go through Mascara a lot, and I don't want to pay $52 a pop for this bad boy. If Estee Lauder reduced the price I would definitely give it 5 stars.

Where have you been all my life?

I just bought this about two weeks ago, and I can't believe it has taken me this long to buy it. I love how it sets my makeup, it has a pitbull lock, my makeup does not budge. I carry around with me, but I haven't needed to spray it more that once a day. I also don't need to carry my whole makeup collection in my handbag for touch ups, Fix+ prevents that. I love it!

Favourite Nail Polish!

I love all China Glaze nail polishes, but I have a special sweet spot for Audrey, not only was it the first China Glaze Nail Polish I ever bought, but it is in one of my favourite colours, teal. It is perfect, perfect colour perfect formula perfect everything. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Hate it!

Hate this mascarra so much. It clumps my eyelashes together, it is a bitch to take off, and if you accidentally get it in your eye it stings so much! Words cannot describe how much I regret paying $17 for this.

Great Fall Scent

I really like this, its sweet and girly, but has a bit of an edge with the musk. But, I do think this is a fall/autumn perfume, and I don't like wearing it any other season. I don't know when I smell it I think of Apples, cinnamon sticks and falling leaves. It is yum!

I don't notice a difference

To be honest this is not worth the $15 I spent on the product, it's greasy and it doesn't make a difference to my skin, the colours are terrible. The light/medium makes me look like like I have a painted clown face on, and the medium/deep is 2 shades noticeably darker than my skin. Wasn't happy with this product at all. Definitely a miss.

Don't think I can live without.

I use this product practically everyday. It has great colours for a natural look. It has great colours, my favourite is snakebite and chopper. I love creating different looks everyday using this.


I love this product, I have three flavours, the mint, strawberry and passionfruit, and they are positively amazing. One thing though, it sucks how they dont sell these in Australia, and I have to pay a fortune for them to be shipped here from the US. I use it every morning and evening, I usually put it as a base for my lipstick, so my lips dont dry out. Great product.