Beauty Product Reviews

My Holy Grail

This palette was gifted to me for my birthday and I go every where with it. It has every color you would want to use for a natural look or a going out with the girls look. I love it and the color BUCK which is an amazing crease color..I will cry when I hit pan lol

So pretty

I got this little bottle of this perfume during fashion night out and when I smelled it I was so pleased it was such a pleasant smell and very feminine. Would totally consider buying it in the future.


I love this product! I took a pic of me using it and posted it on fb thats how much i love it! Its a great buy!! Leaves my skin soft and fresh feeling :)

Wasn't the best for me

All over youtube I just kept hearing all the rave about this product so I went and purchased the green one which one sort of minty and it just made my lips chap more and it had this film (YUCK) over my lips after a smells good but maybe this product wasnt for me like it was for others.

I was gifted this nail polish from a very good friend of mines and at first i loved the color because it reminded me of shrek lol. I had the color on for only 3 days and when i took the color off my nails it stained my nail and now it looks yellow i was very dissapointed cause I loved all the other colors they have.

I brought 2 of these kits and I am in love...the brushes are so soft and best of all hypo allergenic..which is great cause you wont break out..I can buy these forever.

I love this pencil with all my might...I cant do an eye look without it and its so weird because it has become apart of my daily routine and if I dont have it available I dont know what to do lol..But I simply love this product its amazing..