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In Love With this Product!

This lip balm has worked wonders on my lips since they would always be chapped. I love this product more than other lip balm out there! This is my holy grail of lip balms. I recommend this product than the other lip balms out there.

Beyond Wonderful!

I used to love this product. It was so easy to work with. I have no complains with this product ate all. I would definitely repurchase again. It used to be my holy grail.

Good But Not Good Enough >.<

So I've had this product for a long time now & I'm barely hitting pan now. The only think I didn't like about this product was that by the middle of the day I would look oily again & then I would have touch up. & I would apply it around 7 in the morning & it would start to fade like about 12 in the afternoon. Overall this product is good if you don't have that much of an oily skin.

A Little Goes A Long Way!

So I've been using this product for a while now & I like it a lot. What the best part about it is that it is the same quality as the high-end products just for a cheaper price. I use it for my dark circles & my red areas or when i have pimples I want to hide. Overall I would repurchase it after I have finished my first tube which isn't going to be for a long time.

First MAC lipstick(:

So the other day i decided to buy myself a lipstick from MAC because i've been eying one for a long time so i picked out Creme D'nude. Just because i wanted a nude lipstick. So far I'm in love with this color & formulation of lipstick. & yes I would repurchase another lipstick from MAC ;D

So i bought this product because i saw that some gurus were raving about it. Once i tried it, it left my skin oily & shiny (even though its suppose to give you a dewy finish). Honestly I would not repurchase this product EVER again.

I recently purchased this product the other day so i can use it over the summer & needless to say i am in love with this product. But since i have really oily skin I have to retouch several times. I'm not sure if it is this product or its the tinted moisturizer i'm using underneath. But when i had tried it out at the MAC store the make up artist left my skin flawless & oil-free. But overall i will keep repurchasing this product over & over again.

Best creme blush EVER!

So i purchase ladyblush when it got re-promoted & might i say that it's the only blush my skin isn't allergic to that's from MAC. I apply this blush with my Sigma F84 every morning before school. It lasts me throughout the day & i don't even need to touch up. I recommend this product to everyone & i will repurchase again & again.

My holy grail

This brush is amazing! With this brush i can apply & buff out my cream blush & also apply powder blush. This brush is a multi-tasker. The best thing about it also is that it doesn't shed. I've had my brush for about little more than a week & i must say that i am really loving it.

So I love this product even though it creases after a certain period of time. But other than that it does the job better than any other concealer can. I've repurchased this product about 3 times.

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