Beauty Product Reviews

Must have!

Got these off of Hautelook. Was super excited when they came in. Very practical, great for traveling. I'm a journalism major so if I'm going to be on camera that day, it's easier to carry around than my naked palette. It's a great alternative. You can use the lighter color on the inner corners, the medium for the lids, and the dark for the crease and lash line. Then use either the purple or blue for a pop of color. Happy with my purchase, use them everyday, even if it's just as a base!


Sorry to say it but this product doesn't work. At least for me it doesn't. If anything, it made my makeup come off faster. I'm willing to give it another try, good thing I only bought the travel size. I gave it two stars just because Urban Decay has never failed me before.

Great Quality, Great price!

Rite Aid was not a regular stop for me until I heard about Julie G's collection of Jesse's Girl nail polishes. Now I can't seem to get enough! They are only 3.99 which is very affordable and they work great! Two coats is enough and the colors are pretty unique. I picked up Stiletto, JulieG and Fashion Friday. I've have them for about 2 months and Stiletto is basically almost gone. I LOVE THIS COLOR and recommend it for fall nail tutorials! It's a great natural color. Love the collection and will be collecting them all ASAP.

This has become apart of my everyday routine! I bought this off of Hautelook for super cheap the first time, and I fell in love. Recently, they just had another UD blowout sale, so I went ahead and bought two for 12 bucks because I need this product in my life. I use the color Bulletproof which I would describe as medium. The only con I have about this product is the pump, because I either get too much product or too little (hence why I decided to buy two). Other than that, it's easy to apply, goes on smooth and matte. It gives a flawless finish! It's lightweight and moisturizing! I haven't gotten a breakout from it :) I'm so excited to have finally found a "foundation" I can use daily.

Even though this is a tinted moisturizer, I just use it as a cover and if I want an airbrush finish I set it with powder. But if it's a hot day, or I'm feeling lazy, I just wear it by itself. I can go on and on about this product. I LOVE IT!

First of all, it's hello kitty. Second, it's sephora. Had to buy it, I carry it with me everywhere and I've never gotten so many compliments on a mirror before. Most definitely a prized possession.

The color is glittery and white so I thought it would be perfect for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. I don't know if I got a bad one or what (got it from Hautelook) but the brush sucked, the smudging side hurts, it's not creamy, and the glitter is in huge chunks. This eyeliner would only come in handy if I was doing some kind of snow queen halloween look. Too bad because the packaging is so cute and comes with a mirror.

Love at first sight.

I was headed to a party after work one night and realized I didn't have any purple eyeshadow to match my dress. I ran into Sephora really quick hoping to find a quick fix. I turned to the Urban Decay counter and this cream eyeshadow looked and felt so good on my lids that I went ahead and just purchased a bottle. It's about 17 dollars, and I think it is totally worth it. It goes on smooth, doesn't crease and has the perfect color without obnoxious amounts of shimmer. It's wearable for anytime as well. Also, no primer needed! It lasts for a long time (on me anyway) regardless. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I can't wait to purchase more colors.

Change of Heart

I used to swear by this stuff but for some reason after a few years it started to dry out my lips. I was so sad because it's a great price, keeps your lips smooth and minty and very soft. I don't know why Burt's Bees hates me now but it was a good relationship while it lasted. EOS lip balm now ftw.

I was very excited when I purchased my first bottles. They have the best colors, and I like how the nail polish isn't too thick, but also isn't very very watery to where it's cheap. The downside is that it chips SO EASILY. Top coat or not....the wearing quality SUCKS. I even had a spa mani/pedi done at a salon and it still chipped the next day. However, since the colors are so amazing, this is not going to stop me from purchasing China Glaze. I just wish it was around 3 dollars rather than 6. That's what I pay for other polishes and they last much longer. I own Coral Star and For Audrey.

Must buy OPI

If you're going to get a shatter/crackling nail polish, then buy the mother of them all (correct me if I'm wrong.) I've been seeing so many different kinds but I don't know..I spent so long waiting for OPI shatter to be in stock at Planet Beauty I just can't buy anything else. Especially the cheap ones at CVS. I'm sorry, I just can't. This nail polish doesn't disappoint. It works great, looks great and I'm so glad it comes in silver now. Apply a thin layer and watch it transform. 10 dollars is totally worth it. You have to spend the money to get the best results. Also, if it feels "lumpy" after it dries, a top coat does the trick!

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