Beauty Product Reviews

Freshening and Effective

When you're feeling a little lazy or your hair just looks a bit drab, this product is perfect for not only adding body to the hair but also leaves it completely grease free. For someone who's hair gets greasy really quickly, like myself, I've found this product has shed countless hours all together off my morning routines as now I don't have to wash and blowdry every single morning. The smell it citrusy and refreshing, really revitalising when used in the morning. Only downside is that it dulls the hair more than some other dry shampoos I have used and its lid makes application really messy. However, there is so much product in one bottle, it's sort of worth the mess!

  • Sin
Perfect For Autumn/Winter

My first ever NARS blush has certainly not disappointed. The colour payoff and wearability have both been fantastic for this blush! I love the colour sin! It is wonderful for the colder months with its plummy undertones. Definitely a brand to go for if you fancy a great value mid-end blush!

I'll never use bottled shampoo again!

The scent of this product is what drew me into it initially, though my mum actually can't stand it- personally I love it. I suffer from dermatitis of the scalp and was sick of using my medicated shampoo as it stung and smelt like bleach. I looked for an alternative and found this! I'd never used a shampoo bar before and couldn't believe how easy it was to use! My hair has honestly never felt cleaner! Only issue is that it is not formulated for dry hair so I may have to pair it with a more moisturising shampoo bar also!

Worth splashing the cash.

I was apprehensive about this brush at first as I wasn't sure it would be worth the money after all it is just a blending brush. "JUST A BLENDING BRUSH?" what nonsense. This brush is one I use everyday and really has been a very valuable addition to my makeup bag. It blends shadows so seamlessly that there is really no telling as to where one colour ends and the other starts!

A great foundation for Dry Skin!

I have extremely dry skin so when looking for a foundation I have to ensure that I use non-drying products. Hello Flawless is certainly not drying in the slightest! I found that it didn't clump in dry patches and did not further dry out the skin in any way. Wearability is great. It lasts 6-8 hours no problem. It has a dewy finish though it can be powdered easily to eliminate this look. It provides Light-Medium coverage and comes in a really wide spectrum of colours. It's almost Benefit's version of the currently hyped BB Creams as it contains O2 and other lovely nourishing goodies. All in all, a wonderful foundation. Definitely worth the price.

Lipstick in Infrared

Topshop has some affordable lippies quite the spectrum of colours. Unlike MAC and their full array of shades, Topshop only has a few - but all are 100% wearable and at the price they are - why not get them all! I suffer from really dry lips so when buying a lipstick I have to be really aware of how drying they are. The colour is super long wearing and really vibrant. The texture is perfect and though it isn't a moisturising lipstick, it certainly isn't drying. On my light skin tone the orange really stood out! I love it. It is definitely in my top 5 favourites!