Beauty Product Reviews


Yes, it was necessary for that to be in all caps. I love this palette so much. It's so pigmented and the colors are true colors. The red isn't a brown red, purple based red, no, it's red. It's an actual beautiful bright red. The yellow, orange, and purple are no different. All the colors back a serious punch and that can't be denied.

Beautiful palette but..

The NAKED palette is a great palette, but I will admit I hardly touch it anymore. It is a palette full of neutrals, well pigmented neutrals may I add, with mostly shimmers and two matte shades. As gorgeous as it is it can leave you longing for a little more in a palette. I have found slighter a better alternative in the Lorac Pro Palette simply because it has more matte's and is just as, if not more, pigmented. All and all, when it was the only thing I had I loved it, but since branching out I don't use it anymore.

Best brush cleaner ever.


That's all I really think I need to say.

But if you need a little more convincing I guess I can go into a bit more detail. This stuff in amazing. It pretty much sucks the dirt off of your brushes with ease and leaves them looking (and smelling) great. I have a few white bristle brushes that I haven't seen completely clean in awhile and the jar system did the trick. Now, the jar isn't good for huge brushes (like my Tarte foundation brush) but it is good for everything else. For my Tarte brush I just used the spray bottle, sprayed the brush a few times, and wiped the brush across a textured paper towel and just let me say that the paper towel definitely wasn't white when I finished with it.

Long story short, I will buy a refill bottle of the cleaner when I run out, no questions asked.

Love this stuff!

I got this on Haute Look when UD was on sale to try for $6, and man I wish I had grabbed a lot more! I put this on for the first time during the 4th of July as it was baking hot that day and I knew I was going to be doing a lot of moving around, no better situation to put this stuff to the test. I put my makeup on at around 1:30pm and didn't get home until after midnight and my makeup still looked great! Will be definitely be getting another bottle when my current one runs out.

Love it

I have a few shades for this pencil, but milk is my favorite. After I put on my normal primer (Urban Decay, Tarte, etc.) I'll put this on afterwards so my colors pop more. It's a great and cheap base!

Maybe I just got a bad palette or something

Ordered this for my mom during their 'Shamrock Sale' or whatever and this was one of my least favorite item in the entire set! The colors weren't well pigmented, they were chalky, it was just an over all big no no for me. So after I find it and throw it away, or see if a friend wants it to kinda practice makeup with, I will most definitely be buying a Coastal Scents palette to replace it.

Super bright pink!

So when I first got this shade I will admit, I realllly liked the color, but wasn't 100% about it. Then I purchased the Silly lipliner (also from MAC) and I love it! Now will I wear it every day? Heck no. But when ever I'm feeling like I wanna play Barbie or be just out there then yes, yes I will.

Beautiful glitter!

I have never bought a glitter before, let alone used it for cosmetic purposes. Yet I found myself buying this shade, Solar Blast, and Caymen, and while I haven't used the other two yet I hope they're as pretty as this one! It applied as a super beautiful gold and stayed on all day (thanks to the glitter glue that came in the lit kit). I can't wait to use it again. <3

Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture for the example.

Can't imagine not having it!

I love this palette. It's the first big makeup palette that I bought (and I don't even remember how I found the site) and I'm glad I did. The colors are wonderfully vibrant, they last a long time, well pigmented, and just uuggggghhhh I love this palette. Like really, just get it. Go, go to <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> and get it now!