Beauty Product Reviews

I really love these nail varnishes, I have the black and white nail effects! And I have a quite a few colours, my favourites are Coral, strawberry ice cream and blueberry ice cream at the moment. Deffo need more of them! Looking for darker colours for winter because the only dark colours in Barry M that I have are Black and Vivid purple!

In love with this!

I've had this for about 2 months now and I have reviewed it on my beauty channel also and I love it! It's by far the best eyeliner I have had and really easy to apply! For me this eyeliner lasts all day and it is honestly my go to eyeliner! I don't know what I'd do without it now and I'd definately buy it again when it starts running out!


I love this product, its amazing for my skin and really does hydrate it! My skin seriously has never felt better! It's a good price also, I use it before I go to bed and my skin just feels great! I think everyone should use this and simple stuff is kind to skin, I've even got it in my eyes before and it hasn't stung like some products do. If you're looking for a light hydrating moisturiser.. Especially after you use a face scrub then this one is amazing!!