Beauty Product Reviews

I think I've pretty much gloated to everyone about my love for Barry M nail polish and I solely blame my little sister since she was the one that introduced me to it. And we own every shade you can think of. Its perfectly beautiful and choosing the right shade can compliment your skin tone very well. It lasts longer than most nail polishes which is great and you dont have to worry about re-applying. ♥

This looks great. Its so rare these days to find people wearing dark nail varnish but I still love them. I never tried it but I wouldn't mind, it looks great.

I absolutely love this perfume. It smells delicious and its not too heavy. I am a person who loves the Soft floral & Fruit Scented perfumes. So this screams perfection for me.

I love this foundation. I always struggled finding foundation and lets be honest, not everyone can afford MAC products, so when I found this it literally was a relief. It really feels light on your skin, I understand its not perfect for everyone but it definitely works for me.