Velvet Manicure


Madi M.

I absolutely love this nail kit! It's perfect for winter and is so fun to pet! they are perfectly velvety, but the only problem is that my liquid make up gets on them when i apply it and it is hard to clean off. Otherwise I absolutely love it!

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jennifer d.
i love this product!

This product is awesome! Everybody at my school always compliments me on my nails. I love the way they feel. The only thing I don't like is it takes a while to do your nails but its worth it in the end!

Charlene P.

I would like to try something new,Why not change the lip gloss to color sometime,maybe it will brighten up my face and give a brighter smile? Never no till I give it a shot,could be something I could get use to

Saj C.

This looks great. Its so rare these days to find people wearing dark nail varnish but I still love them. I never tried it but I wouldn't mind, it looks great.

Aga H.
Maybe my hopes were to high?

I wanted to buy this kit for a long time, but the price at Sephora wasn't very tempting. Finally, I got it on sale. If I've paid for it the full price I probably would be more unpleasently surprised than now. To start from positives, the color is very nice and I like that it is very easy to do, dries really fast and is quite easy to take off. On the other hand, you have to get really a lot of the crushed velvet on a nails to get the effect and it doesn't last at all. I did my nails in the evening and when I was going to sleep few hours later, I could see places where the velvet rubbed off. By the noon the next day, I could feel it on maybe 2 nails and the rest looked like I went to bed with wet nails and got the material stick to them. The polish rubbed off and chipped from the ends of my nails so it looked a bit gross. However, I might use it in future for like a night out for couple of hours or something.

Kimberly E.
pretty but short lived

These create a nice look. They feel weird and the velvet will start to rub off. Washing your hands also effects the velvet effect as well. Remember girls, you nails are pretty, but wash your hands. All in all... very fun.. but not worth the price tag.