Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


Sojourner W.
The BEST Foundation For Oily Skin!
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I did a review here on Beautylish about the Revlon ColorStay Foundation in the summer and I said that it was my favorite foundation...I now recant that. This mousse foundation is the BEST foundation for my skin. I have combination oily skin and this foundation mattifies my face like no other; it says matte all day! The texture is so freaking smooth like you can barely tell you are putting on foundation. I think it is super buildable if you want more coverage, but for me I like medium to full coverage because I still want to look somewhat natural and not TOO airbrushed. Lol. I use my L'oreal Paris Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base as a primer undrneath and that helps the foundation last longer. I still would set it with a powder as well and if you have dry skin do NOT get this product because it will make it even more dry! The one thing I have to say you need to be careful for is the cakiness because it IS a mousse which has a cakey consistency all on its own. But if you have the right brush (or fingers) and the right amount of foundation, you will look amazing!


- Price - Availability - Good for oily skin - Mattifies all day


- Cakiness - Not good for flash photography - You are still reading this and not going out to buy it!

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Saj C.

I love this foundation. I always struggled finding foundation and lets be honest, not everyone can afford MAC products, so when I found this it literally was a relief. It really feels light on your skin, I understand its not perfect for everyone but it definitely works for me.

Atiyah Y.
love it.

love love love this. its so smooth in blends in great. stays on all day & leaves your face looking flawless. im almost out & i'll definitely be buying more soon.

Tiara R.

One of the best foundation i have tried I love how it's not cakey and it feels light on your skin and it gives your face a beautiful natural look

Jae C.

This covers so well! Its so easy to put on and so quick to give you a pretty flawless look when used with concealer. I prefer using a foundation brush rather my hands to be sure I get everywhere, but I've found that you don't need much of it to look good.

Udi O.

The consistency is a little thick, and it could come off looking cakey very easily. I tried applying it with my finger and a foundation brush, but I was a never a huge fan of either method of application. apart from that the shade i own matches my skin tone perfectly, and the foundation left my very oily skin pretty matte all day. I wouldn't recommend this foundation for everyday though as I find it to be a little thick.

Jasmine B.
nothing special

So I really wanted to like tis foundation, but it just didn't work for me. It is very hard to blend, its too thick, or dry. I like how thin it feels, but it just isn't easy to work with. I would not prchae this again.