Beauty Product Reviews


I don't buy high end makeup. What I used in the past was concealer sticks which sucks. This concealer gives a medium to full coverage. It's so creamy and can be blended if you're fast because it dries quickly. I have fair to medium skin tone and I bought the camo quad in medium.

Absolutely LOVE

This is my new go to foundation. I have sensitive skin and can't use sunscreen (spf). A lot of foundation nowadays consist of spf that have harsh chemicals my skin can't take. When this product came out with no spf I was so HAPPY. It gives great coverage and last long. It's best applied when using fingers. I can say I am no longer in search for a good foundation :)


I like this mask, but I don't love it. It's easy to peel off when it's completely dry. It does not hurt or tug on skin when peeling. It does smell great and leaves my face feeling fresh but I don't think I will re-purchase this mask because I am still in search and experimenting with masks if you ladies have any suggestions message me :)


Tough as Taupe is very neutral color that I like to use all over the lids. I use this shade as my everyday look to school.

Too Cool was a disappointment for me because it was too shimmery to be used as a base.

Pros: There's no creasing, I took a nap with it on and it still didn't crease. The price and packaging is great. Cons: I do have to apply more then once to achieve the opacity that I wanted.

Love it!

My favorite color is MILK. It's great to use it as a highlighter and an eye shadow primer/base. All the other colors are great for base too!!! Blending it with your fingers may be more helpful than a brush.

Not Bad :D

Smells great and very cute. EOS lip balms performed good on me not great. I feel that it's not as long lasting as I need it to be. It's because I do have super dry lips. It does moisturize the lips though. I wouldn't continue on buying this product because I am on a search to find a longer lasting lip balm. So wish me luck!


I love these make up remover wipes. I haven't try other make up remover wipes to have a comparison but so far it works GREAT on me. I use it all over my face. The wipes are very soft and the smell is not bad. It leaves an almost oily and shiny effect but I use the wipes at night before I use my skin care product so I have no major issue with the oily residue. When I used it on my eyes it does have a slight sting so I bought a separate make up remover just for eyes and then use the wipes to clean the left over eye shadows.