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This is probably one of my favorite lip products! I love matte products on my lips, I just can't stand the sticky feeling of layered lipsticks and glosses. This one is very lightweight and super pigmented. I got two colors Monte Carlo and Milan. Monte Carlo is my favorite red ever. The Soft Matte Creams apply veery easily, the aplicator is very precise and comfortable to use. Even though, the lipsticks are matte, I don't have problems with them drying my lips, which is always a bonus.

Good coverage

These concealers have great coverage and blend nicely, however you have to work rather fast with them. They are creamy, but rather on the drier side, so they are not recommended for the delicate under eye area. They are perfect for covering blemishes and other imperfections. There is quite good selection of colors including green and white.

Great colors

These mascaras have great colors and pigmentation, but the formula is not the best. I am not the biggest fan of Inglot mascaras in general and I think it's one of their weakest points. There was only one, I think, I liked. These have different formula than the rest and it is sometimes hard to work with. On the other hand, the colors are great, so if you can manage the clumps, you only need a comb really, then get them. They were a hi when they first came out.


I don't really like it. It is hard to get a flawless look with this brush. It needs a lot of effort as it leaves smudges and traces of bristles. I also found it rather hard to clean. Maybe this is because I don't really like this kind, shape of foundation brushes, but I would not buy it.

It was good

After 217 this was my second MAC brush. This is my go to eyeliner brush and I love it for this job. However, there are many, many much cheaper brushes that actually last longer. I've got it for about two years, and the head is constantly falling off and some parts of the hndle ar also falling off. I really like it, but considering pricies at MAC that are rising nonstop I don't think I will buy another 266.

Rather a cheek product

It is probably one of the most famous Benefet produdtcs. I wanted to try it for ages and I finally got a chance to do it. I love the color on the lips, but I can use it only when my lips are in a really good condition as it is SO drying. The color is pretty rosy red/pink, but it doesn't stay very long.. However I really like it on my cheeks, it gives very natural blush and stays on for a long time. I got a little travel/sample size, but I think I might get a full size one.


I really enjoy this set, just like other Real Techniques brushes. The buffing brush is by far my favorite brush for foundation and the contour brush is great for, well, contouring, but I also use it to set my under eye concealer with powder. It fits perfectly. I don't use the detailer brush for concealer really, but I love it to apply lipstick. The only brush I don't really like is the foundation brush, it's not very useful for the foundation, but I use it sometimes for a cream highlighter. The brushes wash very well and dry quite quickly. They last me more than a year and they look like new.

When I had my first travel size one, I loved it. I loved it like I never loved any other mascara. I was in tears, when I scrapped the rest of the mascara from the bottle. However, I did not feel like spending that much money on a mascara. Recently, I bought a gift set which included They're Real. I was so happy for the reunion, then I applied it and ... it looked fine. Comparing to what I'm able to achieve with my Falsies, it was good, but nothing special. What is worse, after an hour, my lashes even though i curled them carefully like always, were completely straight. The effect was invisible, as my lashes were hardly visible. It doesn't keep the curl for me, but if I use it after some waterproof one, it looks great. Even though, I will not pay that much money for mascara I can use only as a second coat.

Working at Inglot, I spent so much time trying to convince clients, that these glosses are not as scary as they look. In package they look weir. Some of them look like oil. But when you put them on your lips, they add gorgeous shine and make the color even more vibrant.


This is probably my favorite bronzer. I'm really fair and all bronzers look weird on me, but Hoola is just fine. I love that it's matte, it's easy to blend. It is very easy to use and matches not only very fair skin tones. It is only a little bit orange, but only as much as to give the complexion some warmth back after applying foundation.

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