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Really holds the brows in place

You definitely have to fill your brows first as it is a bit difficult to get product to stay on AFTER you apply the brow freeze, but once you're ready for it they stay in place all day.

So far so good...

I've only had this product for about a week but I like it so far. I figured if its good enough for little baby skin it's probably good for me! I wear it exclusively on my face and it wears fairly well under my makeup and the stick form is really nice for travel. My only complaint is it's a little sticky until it dries down and it takes some time for it to absorb into my skin. Other than that it has no color, no scent, and good for a daily sunscreen.


So this is my first jump into natural hair/expensive brushes and I didn't want to like it because that would be an expensive habit to start. BUT ITS SO GOOD. It feels like a treat when I use this on my face, a luxurious experience. I like to use it for setting powder under my eyes or using powder highlight. However I feel you could use it for most powder products anywhere on your face. It's the perfect size and shape for multi-purpose use.

If you're unsure about Wayne Goss brushes, natural hair brushes, or expensive brushes- this is a good starting point. The price isn't too high and it's a great way to see and feel the difference.


It's such a pleasant experience to use this while applying my foundation. It's SO soft and squishy. I'd say it's less dense and more soft than a beauty blender, which I believe makes it easier to use either dry or wet. When wet it expands nicely. I have found it takes quite some time to dry. It's only $5 so you really can't go wrong.

Get that gloooooow

Such a light and hydrating oil. When I don't use it in my routine I notice a sad difference in my skin. It's not sticky or heavy and you get an instant glow. I got my mom hooked too.

Sticky but pretty

I like the color and it's fun to wear on it's own or on top of a lipstick, but it's a bit sticky and drying (oddly enough). I like wearing it but it's not my favorite formula.


I bought the small one and NOW I'm going to have to buy the big one. I use it on both damp and dry hair. It smoothes my ends so nicely and smells really yummy. It's great as a leave in for my whole head after I wash my hair (1-2 times a week) and then I usually use it on the ends of my hair after I style it (when it's dry). It gives my dry hair the moisture it needs and tames the frizz.

Long lashes, not crunchy (but a little smudgy)

I needed a new mascara to replace my beloved drugstore Maybelline Volume Express. I do really like this Benefit formula. It's buildable and makes my lashes pretty long without them getting crispy. However, I do notice a bit of smudging on my lower lash line. It's nothing out of control but it doesn't have 12 hour staying power- more like 6-8 hour.

I'd still purchase again.

My new favorite Palette!

After reading some reviews online I too was concerned that the formulas wouldn't have any payoff and be difficult to work with. But the colors looked so fun that I took the risk and bought it and I'm so glad I did. The colors are SO pretty. They aren't super vivid with the first application but they are very buildable, which I prefer, as you have more control over how bold you want to go. Plus they are great applied with your finger. I also love that you can go from a peachy/ brown look, to a bold blue look, to a neon look all, from one palette. If you like the colors I say go for it, it's such a great price! (here's a photo of me wearing the limelight/sunburst)

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Bought 1 shade and quickly bought another

I'm usually a felt tip liquid eyeliner gal but I wanted to dip my toes into eyeliner gels in a pot. At the time, the black (77) was sold out so I tried the dark brown (90) for a softer look. and I LOVED it. It took me a few tries to get used to using a brush and getting the right amount of product on that brush, but once I got the hang of it I'm not so sure I'll go back to felt tip. Usually the outer corners of my eyes tear up and always smudge the eyeliner- BUT NOT THIS TIME. My eyes still water a bit but this product did not budge. It stays on all day. Once the black was back in stock I scooped it up for my bolder eyeliner days. I usually use a units 120 brush to apply the liner.

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