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Lengthens and Volumizes + Holds a Curl!

The brush reminds me of a cross between the Maybelline Colossal and One by One. The formula is neither watery nor dry, just right in the middle. It thickens the lashes, and gives a nice volume. It lengthens but not that much but it does gives a very good length considering that I have really short, stick straight Asian lashes. And speaking of stick straight lashes, this mascara does hold a curl pretty well. It separates the lashes really well after one coat but two to three coats would thicken the lashes and give a spidery effect to it, which I don't hate and sometimes I really love the effect.

Perfectly Flushed Cheeks

I have two shades, Boho Chic, a cool tone pink and Tickled, a peachy pink blusher with gold shimmers. In the swatch below, Tickled may look too bright and orange but it definitely gives you a subtle dewy and warm glow once blended into the cheeks. Boho Chic also looks bright and really opaque but these blushes blend extremely well into the skin and gives you a nice finish. I've used this a couple of times when I was going out and each time I received compliments. Because it's winter time, it is better to wear cream blushes rather than powder blushes. Dry skin is a no no during the cold season so a dewy finish on the cheeks looks really nice and natural. Cream blushes are also very easy to apply since you only need clean fingers especially when you're out and about and you want a quick touch up. Mind you, they do last long on your cheeks so don't worry about touching up often. Though if you really don't want to touch up your cheeks throughout the day, you may want to use this as a base and layer powder blush on top.

Better than expected

I really don't have high hopes with this product but it turned out to be way better than I expected it to be. The felt tip applicator is nice - it doesn't tug on my skin unlike those stiff felt tip liners. I could easily control the application of the liner. I must say that the tip is not really needle-like thin but it is fairly easy to make thicker and thinner lines that I believe even a newbie at liquid liner application would be able to do a nice winged liner in a few tries. Since I purchased it in the shade Blackest Black the color is really very intense. It also dries fast once applied to the skin.

Another thing I really like about this liner is even if it is not waterproof, it does stay a lot longer than I expected it to be. It also doesn't flake but I do notice a bit of fading after 6 hours or so after application. The slight fading really doesn't bother me as long as there is no visible flaking since flaking is really noticeable.

Good Product

It has very nice texture and consistency. When I first tried it out, the texture really reminded me of chocolate mousse. It blends easily and perfectly to the skin and gives a healthy, flawless looking skin. Though I was looking for a light to medium coverage foundation this product actually gave me a medium to full coverage. I believe this product is ideal for normal to oily skin because it keeps the face matte but even if I have a dry to combination skin this worked pretty well for me.

There are just some things about this product that one have to be careful about. First is the application. Pressing and sweeping the product all over your face is the best method in applying this product however, be careful of putting too much because it will look cakey. Another thing about this foundation is that it is not long lasting and lasts about 4-6 hours only. It does give a matte finish but it won't hold throughout the day so be wary of shine. It is best to keep blotters and or a pressed powder in your makeup bag.

Fast, Easy and Flawless Makeup Application

These brushes are of amazingly great quality. They are short and dense and has a nice weight to them that it is so easy to use them to apply makeup. I've washed the brushes a couple of times and I have seen no fault in them. There has been no bleeding and shedding. Most beauty bloggers have complained about the longer time to dry these brushes due to the thickness of the fibers. I, however, believe that this is not true. The brushes dried after around 6-8 hours of drying and I'm not doing anything to hasten their drying time.

Makeup application particularly foundation application has never been fast, easy and flawless looking!


Five stars right off the bat. I really love this primer. This product is off-white in color with fine gold shimmers that gives a nice, illuminating glow. Because of this, you could use this product as a highlighter as well. As a primer, this guarantees that the shadows you put over it doesn't crease and smudge as well as make the eyeshadows appear vibrant. I got it on for 12 hours and still my eye makeup looked the same as I put it on in the morning. Also, for someone who really loves shimmery eyelids rather than just plain matte like me, this gives even my matte shadows a frosty look. Yay, for frosty/shimmery eyes! :)

A little goes a long way!

Soft and Gentle is peach with a hint of pink with gold shimmers in it. It is so pretty that it gives you such a wonderful, healthy glow. The texture is smooth and it is very pigmented. Very little goes a long way with this particular product because it's very shimmery so be wary.

You can always work with the shimmer and not go overboard when using it. I love to use my Sigma F40 Bunny brush to apply this. I think this is perfect for a healthy glowing look especially that it is winter now and I really like how it looks on me. I must admit that there are a lot of drugstore dupes for this one but I like having this particular product. I'm not sure if I would repurchase this though as this would probably last me for a really long time and I also like trying other products so I might end up buying other highlighters.

The moment I first applied the lipstick I noticed the moisturizing formula and the highly pigmented color application. It had smoothed and coated my lip ridges/wrinkles evenly. The lipstick is not long-lasting but it did make it through my 4-hour experiment. It stayed on like how I applied it for 2 hours and afterwards it faded a little bit but there was still some color on my lips after 4 hours.

The only con that I have found for this product is its packaging. True, it does look good but the packaging is flimsy and I’m quite afraid I might break the case if I drop it hard or something. Whenever I take out the cover and try to twist the product up I hear rattling sounds. Also, the tube doesn’t have it’s name written on the bottom but only the shade number. The shade name is written on the plastic film tag that you peel from the cap.

Aside from these complaints it is a great lipstick that is quite a nice bargain for its price. I highly recommend this product. I’m not bashing MAC lippies here but compared to my MAC lipsticks I’m preferring the Wet N Wild lip colors for their richness and smoothness plus their cheap price. :)

I love this lip balm. I got the pink in Summer Fruit scent and it smells like heaven. It actually doesn't taste sweet enough to make you want to lick it off your lips so that's a plus for me because that way it stays on for a long time (even just the scent makes you want to do otherwise). It has a really cute packaging but the only thing about it is you can't slip it in your jean pocket because it's too bulky. Other than that I really love it! It's amazing.


All colors are highly pigmented, soft and buttery; very easy to blend. I was really hesitant to buy this one because it's priced at $55 but I think I made a right decision in purchasing it because the shadows are really great. The packaging is so pretty too! I just wish they added a liner like their other palettes and one or two matte shadows. Other than that, this palette is perfect! My favorite colors would have to be Deep End, Half Truth and Omen.

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