Beauty Product Reviews

Works Like a Pro!

I have VERY oily skin and have tried many oil-controlling remedies/products. The Sephora employees raved about this spray so I decided to try (without high expectations). I was so surprised! I use it under and over my makeup and it truly HELPS keep my makeup in place ALL day. No it's not a miracle product but it helps control the makeup-melting phenomena I have experienced oh too many times. Now when I don't wear it I see a big difference (well, actually I don't see anything at all bc my makeup is off by the end of the day). TRY IT!

Super Soft

This brush is so super soft I love it. It is not great for applying blush b/c it doesn't seem to pick up enough. It's pretty big so I end up getting blush all over my face :\ For bronzer I love it though! It picks up just enough bronze to give my face a sun-kissed glow. I also found that as I washed it the dome shaped end got less dome-like. It's not very round but fluffy :)

Too Sticky!

I had a Redken rep use this product on my hair recently during a product education class at my salon. She first used it on my damp roots and then on mid shafts to ends while scrunching with diffuser. Afterwards I looked like an electrified poodle! My hair was dull & frizzy and felt dirty. It was a hot mess! Not my fave Redken product to say the least..

Great for Everyday Use!

I love Redken's Rootful '06 b/c I can spray it directly onto roots without the worry of having greasy, sticky hair. I use it when flat ironing hair (to give slight body) and also when letting my hair dry naturally into curls (so I don't look like a Christmas tree). I'll even tease roots for a more extreme effect sometimes. It is so versatile so it has become a part of my everyday hair routine. Couldn't live without it!

Must-Have for Blondes!

Keeps my artificial blonde hair shiny while cutting out dull, brassy tones! It smells super yummy too (grapefruit extract). We use it a lot at my salon because of its great quality and affordability.

Amazing Pigments!

So this was the first U.D. palette I ever bought. It has been many years and I still have it because a little dab goes a long way with these perfectly pigmented shades. Nobody can compete with U.D. pigments. They are beyond fab! The only disappointment is the complimentary Primer Potion (unimpressive).

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Great buy for fav shade!

I bought this shade b/c I just can't get enough of it! However, I would definitely recommend investing in an Urban Decay palette instead of the individual pods. But if you find yourself continuously using one particular shade then definitely buy it individually because you get more of it than the palette.

Totally Hooked

My friend (a makeup artist) raves about this mascara. I recently bought a tube and's better than I anticipated. Thanks to genetics I have lush, long lashes but that doesn't mean it's easy to find mascara for these babies. I have to be weary of clumping & gathering so I don't have tarantula lashes! I must say, Benefits "They're Real Mascara" separates my lashes beautifully while also curling them! I have not used a lash curler since my purchase (which is unbelievable to me b/c normally my lashes stick straight out when not curled). I am amazed & totally hooked. WELL WORTH IT!

Under Eye transformation!

A true must-have! Can be purchased at Ulta.

Blends easily and can be applied before or after foundation application. It can be used as highlighter for brow, nose bridge, cheek bone & cupids bow! Easy for on-the-go use (I always have in purse to perk up my eyes mid-afternoon).