Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam


Noelle M.

I use this on clients when we want to achieve some good volume that lasts! This really does help people with no volume achieve that. It's a really all around great product, it lasts, a little goes a long way, and everyone we use this on in our salon loves it. I would say it's one of redkens best sellers, we sell out of it all the time. You can target this too the roots based on the fact that the spray nozzle allows you to narrow down where you'd like to target, or you can use it all over. It has a great hold if you're trying to have a style that lasts a couple days, this is your go to guy.

Haily J.
Too Sticky!

I had a Redken rep use this product on my hair recently during a product education class at my salon. She first used it on my damp roots and then on mid shafts to ends while scrunching with diffuser. Afterwards I looked like an electrified poodle! My hair was dull & frizzy and felt dirty. It was a hot mess! Not my fave Redken product to say the least..

Erica J.
Photo of product included with review by Erica J.

I used it once and it made my hair really greasy, but it did give it some volume. Not worth it to me! I got the smaller bottle at around $6, it isn't worth it at all. I probably could have achieved the same volume of volume with another product without making my hair greasy!