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Removed all my makeup gently and easily and SMELLS so fresh and clean. I love it! Even removes eyeliner and mascara or longwear foundation. I love having it around for those nights I stumble in late because it’s so quick and easy, but it’s so nice I find myself wanting to use it every night. It is as gentle as plain water on my sensitive eyes!

Great Brows

As with most products that have a ton of hype around them, I was very skeptical. I was also really curious. Short story: it's worth it. It's very easy to overdo it if you aren't careful as it's highly pigmented, but if you have patchy brows it is a lifesaver.

Best brow gel

Those of you who think all brow gels are the same, nope! This one wears like iron. Never flakes. Simply the best. Even if you hop in the shower you will still need to scrub it off.

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my holy grail

Obsessed. It's so light weight, so blendable, the color match is PERFECT, and it looks flawless. I get so many questions and compliments when I wear it (which is almost always). I love that it covers what I don't like (redness, etc.) but still allows my freckles to show for a look that is truly "my skin but better".

truly a must-have

I have Naked 1 and Naked 2 but I love this palette so much. It's a quick, easy palette I can grab and create a look with on the fly without putting a ton of thought into it. The shadows are so buttery soft and blend like a dream. Stands alone brilliantly, but also goes with other palettes. It's a great companion to the shimmery shades in the other naked palettes.

basically the end-all be-all for cream eye shadow lovers

10 full size aqua creams and a brush? HEAVEN, anyone? Aqua creams are amazing, and this set includes 10 fantastic shades. One of my most treasured sets in my collection. There's eye shades, as well as colors that could be used on the lips/cheeks.

love them

I'm not even a huge fan of shimmer but if I do want shimmer, I reach for these bad boys. Great colors, so finely milled, don't look tacky/disco ball esque at all. I also use it as a cheek highlighter! Stunning.

probably one of my least favorite ever

Packaging is a huge fail - I hate the click pen with the weird silicone applicator that doesn't really do anything. It can be leaky, too. The product didn't seem to cover anything, and this is EXPENSIVE for a very small amount of product. Nooo no and no.

pretty darn fabulous

The only thing I don't like about this foundation is when my skin is REALLY dry, it doesn't look good. But otherwise, it looks fabulous. People compliment me on my SKIN when I wear this - they ask me "are you even wearing foundation? your skin is so perfect." haha, my secret! So natural-looking, PERFECT color match, great long wear time.

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hated it

Was told this could be for any skin type but if you are dry, AVOID this. I tried using it wet like it says it can be, and it ruined the surface of the product so I had to scrape off a layer. Used dry, it just makes my face look dusty and even more dry than it is (even after moisturizer). The color was ok and it seemed to have good coverage, but this was a total no-go for me.

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