Beauty Product Reviews

I adore this.

My lash type: Medium in length, but alas, it is still closer to the shorter side. My lashes can get quite unruly and were once hard to curl but now is fairly good with that.

Price: - anywhere from 15 - 25USD depending where you order it (w/o tax) - I purchased mine from a small online shop for $18.

Packaging: - It should come in a plastic case with some ridging if I can remember correctly. There are some English & Japanese instructions on it. - It comes in the most adorable plastic black and gold bottle. - There is a cute little Majolica Majorica (part of the Shiseido Company) seal or button at the top of the wand.

What makes it different than other mascaras: The wand - The wand is a plastic paddle with two edges. One for volume and the other for lengthening. - The volume side: has wide, rounded ridges to help spread the product over the lashes. - The lengthening side: has a small, narrow toothed comb to help adhere the fibers to each lash without clumping. - The flat, paddle sides of the brush help me push the product into my lashes as well as help hold the curl.

Quality and Formula: - This is a fiber mascara. I highly recommend investing in a heated eyelash curler for any fiber mascara. - It applies more like a lash lacquer than a mascara, so if you do not have a heated eyelash curler, you MUST curl your eyelashes prior to applying this. Curling your eyelashes afterwards will make them stick straight up or cause obvious cornered indents on your lashes. - The formula of this product makes it dry on the lashes pretty fast so that the fibers can adhere. - This will keep a curl. - If your lashes have to feel very soft and natural, this probably is not the product because there is an obvious firmness when I touch my lashes with this. However, it makes my lashes look more natural and fluttery than with regular mascaras.

Would I recommend this? - Yes, I would.

After Prolonged Use, I changed my mind.

Originally, I thought this was a godsend for my oily skin, so much that I gave this a 5 star rating. However, I have deleted that post and have re-written it. (**) will indicate what I have changed.

Let me start off by describing my skin type. I have combination/oily skin. My skin is oily because it lacks moisture, if only going by that factor - I would be a dry skinned person. However, I have tried various types of dry skin formulas and they all saturated my skin so much to the point where my face couldn't absorb the product and I was left with excess moisturizer which only made me look oilier than ever. Through trial and error I've found my skin works best with skincare items targeting oily skin.

Price: - $28 (w/o tax)

Packaging: - It has an vintage apothecary look to it. It comes in a green/blue glass bottle with a plastic pump and a plastic, imitation cork top. (The cork top looked pretty realistic in pictures. I was worried that it would not have a good type of dispenser.) - I feel that Benefit took the time to put extra care in the design for the bottle because it looks really cute. - The pump is controllable ** Although the pump is controllable, after taking it travelling (through airport security, baggage man-handling, and long road trips) the area around the pump cracked. This is not that much of a big deal because I can still get the product out. However, the pump cracked while having the lid on top of it. I feel that this bottle may need a little more thought in packing (maybe wrapping a sock around the top or so) just to cushion the top portion.

Quality & Formula: Note: I was using the Shiseido Brightening Protective Emulsion w SPF 15 (2.5 Fl. Oz - About $50) prior to this and that lasted me a good 2 years+. I definitely would repurchase that it were in my budget, but because it has a luxurious price I decided to go ahead and look for something similar but cheaper and possibly even better.

I was very iffy at first because Benefit had not come out with a skincare line prior to this and although the whole line is aesthetically pleasing - the greater majority of the line either does not work specifically for my skin type or does not work as well as what I have at this moment.

- I chose the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion because it is Oil-Free, smells slightly of Cucumber Melon, comes with SPF 15 PA++ and ** At first I loved the smell, but after more use I feel like the smell becomes a little bit stronger when my skin gets oilier which is quite odd considering that most of the time the smell should fade away. It is not extremely bothersome, but I have to refrain from using this moisturizer when I am nauseous. It isn't so gentle that I can use it no matter what. (sensitive nose) - I tried it out at the store first before purchasing by putting half a pump (about half of a pea size) on the back of my hand and smoothing it out. That half pea size pump was enough to cover the entire back of my hand (I have a pretty long hand) and all of my wrist. One full pump of this is enough to cover my entire face and my neck (I smooth everything out with my fingertips). ** It is not heavy and it has a watery-consistency making it lightweight and easy for the skin to absorb. This goes on thicker than Shiseido's. ** At first, my skin loved having more moisture, but I feel that after prolonged use the PH level changed and this product became ineffective on my oily skin. It stopped completely absorbing, it started becoming too moisturizing that it would just stay on the surface of my skin and make me look 10x oilier than I normally do. - What is really nice about this is it already has SPF 15 in it, so sunscreen may be skipped depending on what type of sun exposure will be had that day. (Usually, I do not go out in the sun if I can help it especially where I live because it is dry heat, so SPF 15 does very well for me. I only go to my car, school, work, and other indoor shaded areas, so a high amount of SPF is not necessary for me. Please remember to use sunscreen when having sun/heat exposure in general). - Another important factor to me is my skincare &' make-up. I usually do not wear make-up, especially during the summer, so skincare is important to me. This does not have the "brightening" properties that Shiseido and Pond's (Philippines/Thai) has, so that would be the only con. However, I usually rely on having a good serum & toner to do the lightening for me rather than my moisturizer.

Would I recommend this? - Yes, to anyone who has dry/normal/comination skin (and who may be also looking for a good, oil-free, moisturizer with SPF). ** Although, I am not 100% close to being completely happy with how this product worked out for me I have seen this work quite well for other people ... just not anybody with oily skin. I do recommend this even though I feel like the counter workers gypped me - Maybe, to people with dry skin. I do think that this could be "buildable" enough to get the moisture needed. If a person has dry skin and would like to try this, I would also recommend the Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydrating Mist (By Benefit, as well) prior to application.

** I thought I loved this product and would be repurchasing it, but I've been using it for over 6 months now and it stopped working efficiently for me at around 3 months. I still have a large amount of the bottle left, so I may give it to one of my family members or friends.

** I went back to this product after stepping away from it for about a month to see if there was anything I could change to make this product work for me again, but it did not. I wish it did, but it doesn't.

Sidenote: I feel that a large part of the reason I am most disappointed by this product/the line is because the Benefit Employees at my counter told me that this would be great for oily skin especially out of all of the skin types because it's easier to build up rather than build down. I had three of them telling me that this is going to be a much cheaper version of the Shiseido Skincare line I adore and that I could get more out of it, too. At first it worked, but not even a full halfway into the bottle it became ineffective on my skin. I went back to ask if there was anything I was doing wrong that could make this happen and one of the same employees told me that this was targeted toward combination/normal skin and not oily.

The BEST Moisturizing Shampoo EVER

Quick Take: My hair was freaking out & this helped cure it!

Price: about $25 - I got mine at Target.

Packaging: The packaging is a flexible almost latex feeling plastic. It is very easy to travel with & is about the size of the Philosophy Purity Cleanser. It has a simple press down lid (like the Purity Cleanser) and is very easy to get the product out of. I wish the Purity Cleanser had similar packaging so that I could get that product out with ease.

Scent: It has a neutral, not overpowering or overwhelming at all, sweet, light coconut scent. I have never smelled Murumuru Butter before so I can't really say if it smells like that.

Murumuru Butter: Rich butter with light amber color and natural earthen aroma. Its rich oleic acid content promotes nutrition and moisture to skin and hair.

Why I purchased it: When I moved, my hair did not respond kindly to the water in this area. I guess the water had a lot more minerals in it than my hair approved of, so my scalp became very dry & flaky, my hair started feeling very dry and damaged, and that wasn't cutting it. I tried changing everything (diet, shampoo, conditioner, taking vitamins) and my hair still wasn't changing. I finally Google'd what could be causing this and decided that the only realistic thing I could change was my shampoo. I looked up products that I thought would work and decided to try Creme de Coco because it is an extra-mild shampoo meaning it would be extra, extra gentle.

Quality & Formula: Pros: - It is Paraben free - It is an extra-mild, moisture-rich cleanser made with a blend of Coconut and Murumuru Butters which help to restore moisture, improve flexibility, minimize frizz, and the formula makes hair shimmer. - The shampoo is probably the creamiest shampoo ever and it does have some shimmers (not glitter), but I don't notice my hair being "reflective" as much as it is shiny. I don't think the shimmers really stick to the hair (and I prefer it not O.O I don't want to look like a disco ball). - It is very gentle on my hair and lathers well. - The first time I used this, I immediately noticed a difference. My hair felt much more nourished, my scalp felt like it was healing (even though this does not make any claims to do that), and my hair was on its way to being hydrated and soft in no time. - With further use, I noticed that my hair did get a lot shinier than with regular drugstore shampoos and the best part is that the bottle has lasted me about 6 months so far. I have medium length hair, thick hair and did not see a need to use a lot of product to get this to cleanse all of my hair. - It does not weigh my hair down (as in, does not add more weight to my head). I feel that if you want nourishment but not the weight - this is a great product. - I feel that using this product has helped with growing my hair out, as well. I feel that the extra-mildness of this shampoo doesn't take away as much oil as most drugstore shampoos do. However, keep in mind that my hair grows more than 7 or 8 inches in a year, is not prone to breakage, nor is my hair heavily exposed to heat (I don't use heat protectant, when I heat style my hair). I also wash my hair every day.

Cons: - I read online that people felt that it took a lot of product to lather. I, personally, do not feel that way. I use about a quarter in diameter amount of product for my entire head and the work the rest through my hair. If I need any more, I use about a dime size amount. However, I do feel like the first amount is enough and the need for more doesn't happen often, if ever. - Also, there were some complaints about the amount in the bottle. The amount seems very small, but honestly more of the product gets out of the bottle than most drugstore shampoos. It is pretty expensive, however, it is justified. It has lasted me over 6 months and that's essentially 5 bucks a month for an amazing product.

Overall, I love this product and truly recommend it. This is my favourite found-in-a-drugstore shampoo and I will be repurchasing it.

This is the worst mascara ever.

I wanted to try this mascara because the brush size was similar to the Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara I was once truly fond of. I, not being the sucker for advertisements for the "lash growing claim" this has, decided to try it to see if the formula was similar to Too Faced and if it would keep my curl longer because of all "the special stuff" it supposedly has.

In two words? It didn't.

Price: $2-$6 depending on tax and sales.

Packaging: Simple and scratches off.

Quality and Formula AKA Cons of the Product: - The wand may be too big for some people's eyes. I feel that the wand is pretty big for my eye but I don't mind the wand as long as the mascara works. The brush does get quite a bit more mascara on my eyelid than I would prefer, but a business card during application can fix that. - I don't have particularly watery eyes but the formula for this is ridiculous. If I put this mascara down to the roots of my lashes and blinked the formula would BURN MY EYE which results in tears which leads to more formula irritating my eyes which leads to chaos. Plus, it flakes off and the flakes fall into my eye. - I figured that it was probably just a bad batch that I got and it might be only mine that was doing it, so I bought another one from a different store. Nope, same thing, and what's really bad about this is that I've never had this happen with a mascara before and I've tried the greater majority. - One of my friends is a beauty specialist for a company and has a lot of loyal customers so she tries a lot of beauty things that come her way. Another one of my friends likes mascaras as much as I do so she bought it, too. All three of us had the same reaction with the formula and none of us live in the same town. - If I want to wear this mascara I can't thoroughly apply this from root to tip on my lashes or else it will be chaotic and what's the point of buying a mascara you can't really use for the purpose of a general mascara?

I would never recommend this.

Not Versatile Enough (for my eyes)

Personal Note: The rating I'm giving this product is based on how it works for myself rather than how it worked on my friends/family/acquaintances I've used it with or have given it to.

Price: - $16 (w/o tax) - I think the price for the kit makes it great for anyone looking to build up their collection, branch out to duo fibre brushes, or beginners in general. It is very affordable and the price makes sense.

Packaging: - It comes in a plastic case (for retail) and then the case is a nice black case that transitions into a carrying stand so that the brushes can stand up versus touching the surface where it stands - a very sanitary and ingenious design. - The brushes (unfortunately) do not come in another colour than purple. I, personally, like the colour purple, but I do know that some people just like having black, monochromatic brushes than colourful ones. I think the colour is nice because it is a metallic, but not cheap looking and it will also be very easy to distinguish whose brush is whose if doing make-up with a grandiose amount of other people.

Quality: - The quality of the brushes are great. They may not be as dense as other brushes I have, but they are not flimsy. They are well made and structured very nicely. - They are full size brushes made with Taclon - which is a VEGAN material imitating natural fiber. I enjoy the feel of Taclon brushes because they're so soft and comfortable to use unlike some natural fiber brushes which can be sharp and itchy feeling.

... However ... - The reason I do not give this set a high rating is because it does not suit my eye shape or crease type. - I like the shape of the brushes overall and it has applied make-up on others nicely, but I have brushes that are both cheaper & come in a set that work better for my eye shape. I think if the brushes were the slightest bit narrower or a little less fluffy, they would be perfect.

My eye type: - Almond Eyes with a double crease - Low, small, and close crease (meaning I do not have a hooded eyelid but it is similar. The crease I have creates a significant double crease). - My crease is not close to my orbital bone like most people's are. - I don't have protruding brow bone like most people do - if I put my pinky where my highlight/brow bone is - the upper third of my pinky will be touching the end area of my eyebrows and will be about 2 mm above my crease. Basically: I have Asian double crease eyes.

**Before I continue with my review of the product, please let me add that I am judging these brushes by the purpose for which they were intended rather than the purposes I use them for. I believe if someone is looking into purchasing these to start off their brush collection that person should know how I feel about how the brushes worked for me according to their directions and tips. I will, though, be including what I use it for if the intended use did not work for me.

+Base Shadow Brush - claims to apply a smooth, flawless foundation of color - I feel that this brush does apply a nice colour for all over the eye. I can get a neutral colour I want all over my eye area and easily apply it but ... - The brush takes up a great amount of my eye vertically and horizontally as well as straight on (the tip pointing towards my eye). Don't get me wrong, not all base shadow brushes work well on my eye - plenty don't, I do have to make brushes work for my eye, but this one was really hard because I had to take an extra amount of time figuring out what I could use this for. - I cannot use this brush for applying a colour all over ONLY my eyelid area because it is too fluffy and too big. - I use this brush either for colour bases, primers, or blending (the tip pointing towards my eye & windshield wiper motions) rather than applying it in one area. ** This brush worked better for others than it worked for me.

+Deluxe crease brush - claims that it is a soft, oversized design for effortless contouring - I don't really use this brush for contouring. - This brush simply does not work just for the crease I have, but it does a nice job at blending. However, there are other brushes out there that do not come in a kit, are cheaper, and can do the same and fit in my crease. - On a day to day basis, I tend to only wear one, soft, blended eye shadow all over my lid just to add that extra oomph to my every day look (no make-up other than the one eye shadow and mascara). I use this brush to do just that - softly apply and blend. I don't want a harsh look if it is unnecessary, so heavily pigmented shadows are not in my day-to-day routine. - I also use this brush for concealer because it easily blends the product and can blend small corners some of my other brushes cannot. ** This brush worked for others better than it worked for me.

+Accent brush - claims to be designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging. - I laughed when I used this brush because it seemed to be the only one actually fit for my eye for the intended use. This brush IS a great precision brush because of the dome shape it has as well as the small size. I can fit this underneath my lashes, get the tiniest amount for my inner corners, smudge out my eyeliner. It does the job well. - I use this brush for the intended purpose. ** This brush worked better for me & others.

+Pixel-point eyeliner brush - claims to be tapered cut & ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application - I am very finicky with script type brushes like these. I feel that it is too easy to make too thick of an eyeliner especially for those who are just beginning because that is what most beginners tend to do and it is already pretty dense to begin with. I think that it is easier to build up the thickness of an eyeliner than it is to thin it out. - I do not use this brush for anything. ** This brush worked for others better than it worked for me.

+Brow brush - claims to have a distinctive shape that easily defines eyebrows - One of the problems I find with using a powder for eyebrows is that it can fail to adhere if there isn't enough hair. I felt that this brush works better for people who do have a better eyebrow canvas than I do (I have a medium density when it comes to eyebrows, but that is because it is sparse, thick, eyebrow hair - I would look like I had a sharpie eyebrow if all the hairs were right next to each other). - I can make this brush work well for me, but it does not give me the best brows out of all the techniques there are out there nor does it give me the best kind of application out of the brow brushes there are. I prefer stiffer brushes because they can push the powder underneath the hairs to make the powder stay rather than migrate around. - I use this brush to work eye shadows or gel eyeliner into my upper lashes or push eyeshadows underneath my lower lashes. ** This brush worked for others better than it worked for me.

Would I recommend it? - Yes, if you have a bigger eye area to work with and do not have a similar eye shape to mine. - No, if your eyes are similar to mine.

I feel really sad that these brushes did not work for me the way they are "supposed" to. (There are no rules in make-up.) Plus, they are really soft! :[

a versatile product not just for eyes.

This product did not work for the intended purpose on my skin tone. I'm naturally an olive-tan colour - I go anywhere from light olive tan (winter) to dark olive-tan (summer). I do not have the milky white skin that my mother and aunties have. This product looks OBVIOUS on me, but I have found other ways to put the product to use.

Price: - I purchased mine for $18 at Ulta, but it can be purchased for $16.49 on Amazon (click the link above)

Packaging: - The packaging is simple and isn't fancy (on the outside). - The inside has the new click sifter. Click to one side and it opens up the sifter. Click to the other side and it becomes sealed, air-tight, and clean. (This product was not introduced with the original line nor with the old packaging)

Quality & Formula: - The product is finely milled comes out easily, that is why the packaging makes sense. - Colour;It is an Ecru colour (lighter than chamapagne, off white with the slightest amount of yellow). It looks like MAC's Gilded White Eyeliner in powder form, MAC's Naked & Vanilla Pigments mixed together minus an overload of shimmer. I think NARS Albatross looks similar on my skin.

- This is a mineral product & a powder, so it does not have the same lasting power as something stickier such as a foundation. (If a foundation, concealer, base, or primer is not used with this, I found that if applied when moisturizer is still wet/dewy it can stay a pretty good amount of time).

- The intended use for this product was to give a "Well Rested" look and mainly be used on the eyes. - I see this product used for setting concealer or just swept underneath the eyes. - I use this product as a highlighter. + Eyebrow - I do not like shimmery or frosty highlights on myself, but this looks natural with the bare minimal/barely noticeable amount of shimmer + Cheekbones - If used with a fan brush, this looks really nice. + Inner Eyes - This looks lovely for the inner eye area. I use it with an angled or script brush as an eyeliner in that area. It gives a nice light to that area and isn't as obvious as white. + Eyeliner/Under Bottom Lashes - I do not use this above my eyelashes because it is a mineral powder and it could irritate my eye if I get too much, but I get a very small angled brush or the flat tip of a flat shader brush and push this under my bottom lashes to give it a more awake look.

- I believe anyone darker than NC30 (basically anyone with a noticeable tanned/darker natural skintone) would not be able to use this product without it looking obvious.) Think: Kardashian under-eyes - They tend to have a much lighter under-eye area than their overall facial colour and sometimes it tends to look like they have an obvious light triangle in that area. They pull it off well. I, personally, just do not prefer that look.

Would I recommend it?: - I would, but it wouldn't be the first product for the purposes I would use it for. - I would recommend this to people who have fairer skin tones than I do and who specifically ask for a "Rested" look. - I do not use this for the purpose intended, so I wouldn't recommend this to someone who asks me for a good highlighter or inner eye colour. I just feel that there are other products that could be purchased and used for the usual intention rather than having to take a product and figure out how to work with it. I feel that when someone asks me to recommend a product they want something they do not have to mess around with or alter to get the finished appearance they want. This product doesn't perform, for me, the way it is meant to.

Read the Instructions, even if you will not follow them.

** One of my habits is to always read the instructions even if I will not follow them. This comes especially useful on a day-to-day basis. Companies (should) test and get to know their products before selling them or putting them out on the market and they dang well should be good. I always read the instructions just so I would know how the product should give the most to me. If the way the company suggests does not work for me, then I will try it in other ways that have worked for me in the past or ask for suggestions or ask for tips.

I must blame Dior, themselves, for why people may not like this product because on the Dior website (, it claims to be:

"Color Awakening Lipbalm. A made-to-measure lip balm that beautifies and durably enhances the lips’ natural color. A customized color result : thanks to its Color Reviver technology, Dior Addict Lip Glow reacts directly with the unique chemistry of each woman’s lips before releasing its color ingredient. Lips seem revived from within, amazingly fresh, full and radiant. In addition, its SPF10 formula enriched with wild mango and luffa cylindrica continuously protects and moisturizes. A universal balm for all lips." - Dior website.

I always take "lipbalms" from Designer Make-Up lines with a grain of salt (I don't really trust it) because there are so many better alternatives sold at Drugstores. I DO NOT feel like this is a true lip balm as much as it is a true LIP GLOW.

Price: - 29 USD - This is definitely a splurge item.

Packaging: - It comes in a fabulous plastic casing with "Dior" engraved on the side. - The tube is silver (plastic) and the Glow is twist-up. - One of the best things about make-up is the aesthetic appeal of owning something that is pleasing to the eye, the packaging is an interesting conversation topic and although (to me) plastic is a little cheap for Dior price (versus Estee Lauder metal packaging) it is quite pretty.

Quality & Formula: - I would NOT say that this is a Lip Balm of any sort. It does have lip balm qualities, but to me it is a true Lip Glow. - It applies like a moisturizing lipstick. If EOS lipbalm & lipstick had a baby, the Dior Lip Glow is the outcome. It has the application of a lipstick (it feels like a lipstick is going across the lips), but when rubbed it feels like EOS lipbalm. - I feel that this is one of its own kind because most "chemistry reacting" lip products come in a gloss form whereas this is in a balm-esque form. - As far as "lip balm" goes for this, I feel that it is moisturizing ... it is just not long lasting like real lip balms. Consider this the lip balm of lipsticks and the rebel of lip balms. - I would not say that this is similar to a tinted lip balm because it does not contain a coloured pigment. It has such a translucent pigment that it does not have the "tinge" of colour (similar to how NARS make-up is made with translucent pigments therefore all the colours look different on different skin tones). - Dior suggests that Lip Glow be used under Dior Lip Maximizer & (preferably Dior, but any) Lipstick for the perfect lips.

What colour does it make my lips turn?: - It varies - which is really nice. At one point in the day, my lips had a nectarine-similar colour to it. Earlier, it had a deep pink almost red colour. I feel that it would be easy to change the "chemicals" the Lip Glow is working with with just the slightest amount of lip product. I had a NARS lipstick on, wiped it off, and then applied the Lip Glow immediately after which resulted in the deep pink almost red colour. I tried it again and it changed to a different colour. ** I have "Mulan" lips. My top lip is mauve, my bottom lip is just short of understated magenta.

Would I recommend it? - Yes! - My friends, parents, and boyfriend do not like it when I wear dramatic lipstick, but they loved the hue this gave me. - I would honestly give this to my little cousin who is going to turn 11 this year. She loves watching me play with make-up, but my family has a strict rule that the make-up worn should be age appropriate and not subtract from youthful glow. Basically, no dramatic make-up is to be worn other than Halloween and after high school graduation. I know she would love this product. - I love it because it is one of the rare few make-up finds, especially from a Designer, that seems all over appropriate for anywhere. This is a purse must have for me. - I would recommend this to my friends who don't like wearing make-up but want something not obvious with oomph! - It's also been kiss tested and approved. ;]

Such a cute Yikes ...

I am such a sucker for Tokidoki anything. If I didn't feel it would look extremely awkward on me, I would even get a Tokidoki Sleeve Tattoo - no lie.

*My boyfriend bought this lovingly for my 20th birthday from Sephora. I do use the palette often, I just avoid some colours.

Price: - This has a value of 225 USD, but is being sold for 50 USD. 175 USD in savings if bought at the original price. However, this set can be found at various pricing.

+ 12 eye shadows = 15 USD per single eye shadow, but I do not believe that these eye shadows are equivalent in amount of product to the actual single eye shadows. + 1 nail file = 5 USD + 1 pen eyeliner (not all palettes contain the same colour of liner) = 16 USD + a pack of magnets (not meant for depotting the eye shadows) - As far as I know, a pack like this is not sold separately. + the tin case - I am not sure if there is an authentic Tokidoki tin case that is sold separately, but the few I have found have been retailing around 10 USD

Packaging: - The palette comes in a nice about 2" deep tin with a mirror on the inside of the lid. - The e/s, liner, & nail file come in a plastic container. I think the container is realistic, but when it comes to travelling, I think it may be problematic because it is not truly secure inside the tin. side-to-side motion, I do not believe there should be a problem, but there might be some hassle with bumps in the road or turbulence (if this goes up&down).

Quality & Formula: o1. Eye Shadows **I did initial swatching with my fingers, but that method is very unreliable. The oils in fingertips can completely change the colour, lessen the actual fall out, and the result won't accurately represent the colour opacity/payoff.

- The eye shadows, although very pretty, were not up to par as a whole. - The colours are very pretty just to look at. They appear to have the same quality as Urban Decay or Too Faced (they have a lot of shimmer and very few matte). MAC quality? No, I really could not say that.

- Names of the E/S: I do not expect any Tokidoki colour to have a name that accurately describes it. The colours are represented by a Tokidoki Character which was made prior to the make-up line in general. ** The colour descriptions in parenthesis are what the company claims them to be & In my opinion, what they look like in the pan versus what they look like applied. ** My colour opinion is based on what Crayola has created. ** My skin is about an NC 35-40. ** I swatch using a brush.

+ Skull Donut (nude vanilla) - Frost. Vanilla. I would not describe this as a "nude" vanilla because it contains gold shimmer in it. Sheer opacity with one swipe through the e/s. Very opaque if the colour is packed onto the brush. Minimal fall-out.

+ Patatino (shimmery pale golden peach) - Frost. Pale golden peach. Minimal Fall-out. Sheer opacity.

+ Riposino (medium brown) - Shimmer. Just eyeing the e/s, it looks like it would be a very shimmery version of satin-taupe ... but it is not when applied. It is a light brown-taupe with silver shimmer. This particular eyeshadow has a LOT of fall out (similar to Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection e/s Nude Beach)

+ Ciccio (bronzy gold brown) - Satin. This is a straight bronze shadow, one of the prettiest bronze e/s I have seen. Medium opacity. No Fall out.

+ Mummetto (dark brown) - Velvet. Dark brown. Buildable opacity. No Fall out. I like this one. It is such an easy colour to do a smoky eye with.

+ Mozzarella (shimmering dark brown) - SHIMMER O.O This colour has so much fall-out just in the pan. It is a darker brown-taupe with obvious silver glitter. It seems that more of the e/s falls off than the glitter.

+ Tulipano (pale lilac) - Velvet. Pale lilac. Unless, one is doing a look where this is just a blending colour, this e/s needs some sort of colour base for the true colour to come out. It is just not dark enough to really show up on my colour of skin. No fall out. Buildable opacity.

+ Nancy Rocks (purple) - Lustre. Lavender purple. No fall out. Buildable opacity.

+ Romeo (plum) - Satin. Plum with a the smallest amount of a gold sheen. Minimal fall-out, if any. Medium Opacity.

+ Ciotolina (shimmering mossy green) - Shimmer. Moss green. Less fall out than the other shimmers in the palette, but still has fall out nevertheless. Buildable opacity. + Arrosto (dark charcoal gray with shimmer) - Velvet. I can see why it would be listed as a charcoal gray, but I think it looks lighter when applied onto the eye rather than a "dark" colour. Silver shimmer. Minimal fall out.

+ Forbino (dark purple with shimmer) - this has got to be the worst eyeshadow. Underneath lots of fall-out both in the the pan just from getting e/s on the brush and on the eye. It has beautiful purple shimmer amidst the terrible excuse for a black eyeshadow. The e/s would be listed as a dark grey/light black velvet, in my opinion, but it goes on so badly that I couldn't fathom wanting to put on more ... It is very reminiscent of a pencil smear ... but with pretty purple shimmer. It is such a shame that this eye shadow did not perform up to par.

o2) Perfetto Eyeliner - Mine came with SANDy (dark green) - I believe the palettes may come with different eyeliners as the pictures shown above have Carina (an eggplant colour) while I have SANDy (dark green) - I was quite impressed with this eyeliner. I do recommend this! - At first glance, it looks like any other pen eyeliner and it doesn't seem truly worth the money. I inspected the felt tip and saw that it was cut in such a way that 1/2 looks like a regular pen eyeliner and the other 1/2 has a flat chiseled cut to it.

+ The chiseled side - makes it easier to apply eyeliner in one stroke. It works as if there are multiple brushes closely compacted into one area because of how the felt is cut. It gives a nice flat area to work with and a thick line that works well for people, like myself, who have to watch the thickness of eyeliner lest their eye area be engulfed with only eyeliner. (I have a small eye area & a small, Asian, double lid area. I did not have surgery. If I apply too much eyeliner, it will seem like I have a monolid and will make me look tired. + The pointed tip - makes it easier to make an accurate wing or to apply in small areas. + The regular pen side - it will apply eyeliner like any other pen eyeliner if one uses this side.

- The colours are great. I will be repurchasing more of the eyeliner.

o3) The nail file - I, unfortunately, do not like nail files like this. I like crystal nail files because it is better for nails and plus SANDy has too cute of a face to scratch up with my nails. :[ I just couldn't do that to her, so I have not used it.

o4) The magnets - It contains little magnets of Tokidoki characters in Sodashop theme. I'm saving them for a cute little decoration project. - These can be applied onto the tin carrying the palette, but I have other uses for them.

o5) The tin - I think this was a good investment overall because the tin has so many uses to it. It is such a re-usable product and decorative. - I may keep my palette in the tin or I may just depot them and use the tin while I travel, but for right now I'm just keeping it as is.

Versus the Robbery Palette: - I think the Robbery Palette overall has a better selection because it comes with blush, so it comes with 3 full, already made looks whereas this one was more ... all over the place. It has eye shadow, an eyeliner, a nail file. It just seems unrealistic compared to the Robbery Palette. - The e/s sizing is bigger than the Robbery Palette's, but I prefer blush over e/s. - I just think that Robbery would be a better buy overall if one is looking for something to travel with or something on-the-go.

Would I recommend this? - Yes & No. - This is such a cute item that I would recommend any Tokidoki collector to get it because it does have some good shadows, it's just that not all of them are amazing and that's what was a big let down. - For a beginner, no ... I think there are cheaper, better palettes that would have better colour selections. - For make-up fanatics, yes - if you are a collector. no - if you are wanting to expand your collection.

My Favourite Mascara

Mascara is my favourite part about doing my make-up. It was the first make-up item that truly changed how I looked. Just a coat of mascara on curled lashes makes me look awake instantly. That is why I am very picky when it comes to mascara.

Price: - $25. It is pretty expensive for a mascara, but the results this gives me is so worth it.

Packaging: - The mascara comes in a glossy, slightly curved, black tube. I am usually turned off by non-streamline packaging for mascaras with the mindset of "how is this going to get the most product onto my spoolie?" This type of packaging for this brush works. - It has a few accents of gold on the end of the tube & brush. Overall, pretty minimalistic minus the text written on the tube.

Application: - The cool thing about this mascara is that it still feels like a brand new mascara when pulling the brush out of the tube. The clay-like formula tugs on the spoolie ever so slightly ensuring that there is product on the brush and also making it easy to tell if the product has dried up or not. - The curved brush has winding bristles which, when used properly, can ensure that lashes will be coated. - (o1) Wiggle the brush into the base of lashes, and rotate the brush (I prefer forwards). This will catch all the lashes and coat them evenly. - (o2) Once done with the top lashes, apply the whatever is left on the brush onto the lower lashes, wiggling at the base again, and combing through. This will give a soft, natural coat and ensure no clumping. - (o3) For length, wiggle the wand at the ends of the top lashes and comb through. Go back to the base of the lashes and comb. Once at the end of the lashes, wiggle and comb to finish.

Quality & Formula: - The only problem I experience with this mascara is that the clay-like formula does dry quickly making the second coat a little bit harder to comb through the lashes. Good for people on the go and needing something quick. Bad for people who take time. - The texture of the formula is similar to that of waterproof mascara. It leans to the dryer side. - I enjoy the formula because it also has the same consistency of Asian Mascaras. It feel like clay, but goes on smooth. - BEWARE: when this mascara is brand new - the formula is very heavy and very wet. I did not like it at first and did not understand why. I realized that it was just PACKED with product. The consumer will get their money's worth, but it is somewhat of hassle wiping off some of the product before using it. Do not fret, this will not last very long and one may use the mascara as usual. - This mascara does last me all day. However, if I go to bed without removing this - I tear up a LOT while I sleep (for some odd reason) - it will end up on my pillow, but not my face. - This is the BLACKEST mascara I have ever owned and I only buy black mascaras. It is pure, Cleopatra Hair black. - My friends thought I was wearing natural looking falsies with this on.

Duplicates?: - I think Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies would be a similar product to this. A lot cheaper, but the formula just is not the same. If you love that mascara, you should try Virtuose Black Carat.

Would I recommend this: - Yes, I've already recommended this to my friends who were looking into buying new mascaras. If Curl, Volume, and Length are what you want in a mascara - this is it.

Not Up to Par

When I got this product, I was hoping for something ... brilliant. Especially because the name and the price are very high maintenance. I usually do not like using make-up removers to remove my make-up. I generally like to use cleansers that have the ability to remove make-up because I like getting an all-over thorough clean.

Price: - $25. It is JUST a dollar cheaper than the Lancome BI-FACIL eye make up remover, so I expected close to exact results with this.

Packaging: - It has simple minimalistic packaging - different than the make-up packaging. If NARS could improve one thing on this besides the actual formula, I would say the top of the bottle should be the same rubbery texture as make-up because it would be easier to grip (in the sense of something being used before nightly skincare) - The packaging does the job. It is semi-translucent - enough to see the separation between the oil-in-water formula and to be able to tell whether it the formula has been mixed together.

Quality & Formula: - I feel that this is a truly mild makeup remover. - I can feel the oil, but it does not feel greasy. It gives the feeling that your skin is softened by hydrating oil. Keep in mind that it is enriched with aloe and cucumber, so it has a softer "oil" feeling than say vegetable oil. - It claims to calm and soothe the skin around the eyes. I don't really have a troublesome eye area, so I cannot testify to that, but I will say that it does make my eye area feel hydrated. - I do not feel like this compares to BI-FACIL because it does not melt away my mascara as easily. It does a good job of melting away my eye shadow, but there's quite a lot of other make up removers that can do just the same for cheaper. - This product takes more work and patience. The reason I'm not impressed is because for just $1 more, one could purchase something much better with less hassle. - I do not have to scrub with this product, but I do have to wait longer for it to really get my eyelashes clean. - If I swipe a cotton pad of this across my eye, I will have a streak of eye shadow pushed to the side and one part clean <-- this is one of my dislikes. - I think it is a pretty good formula in and of itself, but compared to others I have tried this does not hold a candle.

Would I recommend it? - This would not be the first make-up remover to pop into my mind when recommending one. - If you are a NARS enthusiast, I would recommend this, but it just takes a little extra work and patience for results to happen with this.

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