Benefit Cosmetics

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++


Katherine A.

This moisturizer is thick ! But good for dry skin. I have combo / sensitive skin and since using it has clogged a few pores. Definitely not a product i would buy again, made for different skin type.

Kate L.
Great for oily skin

I have dry/combination skin, where my cheeks are dry-ish, but my T-zone gets ridiculously oily. This is the only moisturizing lotion that is oil-free that still gave my cheeks the moisture they needed. It smells delicious, has the cutest packaging ever (WITH A PUMP), and is definitely worth the money.

Alexa M.
My face's best friend

I have combination skin, unfortunately. Oily t-zone & dry patches. It sucks. I bought this at Ulta bc of the smell alone. It's like heaven.

Pros: Moisturizing w/o feeling oily/greasy SPF 15 to prevent wrinkles in the future Best-smelling face moisturizer I have every used in my 19 years of living Cutest packaging (and I don't use the word cute, often)

Cons: Pricey at $30 (I'm cheap, okay) but really worth the price I wasn't able to finish the whole bottle bc of the way it's packaged, which really sucks. I didn't throw it away, tho. It's such a beautiful bottle, & the fact that there's still a good 8 pumps of product in there that I can't get really bugs me. Oh, well.

Becca H.

SUPERB way to start off my makeup routine! With my face being so dry it really locks in the moisture when using benefit's face lotion, perfect match. I also see a improvment in my complexion, it brightens the skin

Aira N.
After Prolonged Use, I changed my mind.

Originally, I thought this was a godsend for my oily skin, so much that I gave this a 5 star rating. However, I have deleted that post and have re-written it. (**) will indicate what I have changed.

Let me start off by describing my skin type. I have combination/oily skin. My skin is oily because it lacks moisture, if only going by that factor - I would be a dry skinned person. However, I have tried various types of dry skin formulas and they all saturated my skin so much to the point where my face couldn't absorb the product and I was left with excess moisturizer which only made me look oilier than ever. Through trial and error I've found my skin works best with skincare items targeting oily skin.

Price: - $28 (w/o tax)

Packaging: - It has an vintage apothecary look to it. It comes in a green/blue glass bottle with a plastic pump and a plastic, imitation cork top. (The cork top looked pretty realistic in pictures. I was worried that it would not have a good type of dispenser.) - I feel that Benefit took the time to put extra care in the design for the bottle because it looks really cute. - The pump is controllable ** Although the pump is controllable, after taking it travelling (through airport security, baggage man-handling, and long road trips) the area around the pump cracked. This is not that much of a big deal because I can still get the product out. However, the pump cracked while having the lid on top of it. I feel that this bottle may need a little more thought in packing (maybe wrapping a sock around the top or so) just to cushion the top portion.

Quality & Formula: Note: I was using the Shiseido Brightening Protective Emulsion w SPF 15 (2.5 Fl. Oz - About $50) prior to this and that lasted me a good 2 years+. I definitely would repurchase that it were in my budget, but because it has a luxurious price I decided to go ahead and look for something similar but cheaper and possibly even better.

I was very iffy at first because Benefit had not come out with a skincare line prior to this and although the whole line is aesthetically pleasing - the greater majority of the line either does not work specifically for my skin type or does not work as well as what I have at this moment.

- I chose the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion because it is Oil-Free, smells slightly of Cucumber Melon, comes with SPF 15 PA++ and ** At first I loved the smell, but after more use I feel like the smell becomes a little bit stronger when my skin gets oilier which is quite odd considering that most of the time the smell should fade away. It is not extremely bothersome, but I have to refrain from using this moisturizer when I am nauseous. It isn't so gentle that I can use it no matter what. (sensitive nose) - I tried it out at the store first before purchasing by putting half a pump (about half of a pea size) on the back of my hand and smoothing it out. That half pea size pump was enough to cover the entire back of my hand (I have a pretty long hand) and all of my wrist. One full pump of this is enough to cover my entire face and my neck (I smooth everything out with my fingertips). ** It is not heavy and it has a watery-consistency making it lightweight and easy for the skin to absorb. This goes on thicker than Shiseido's. ** At first, my skin loved having more moisture, but I feel that after prolonged use the PH level changed and this product became ineffective on my oily skin. It stopped completely absorbing, it started becoming too moisturizing that it would just stay on the surface of my skin and make me look 10x oilier than I normally do. - What is really nice about this is it already has SPF 15 in it, so sunscreen may be skipped depending on what type of sun exposure will be had that day. (Usually, I do not go out in the sun if I can help it especially where I live because it is dry heat, so SPF 15 does very well for me. I only go to my car, school, work, and other indoor shaded areas, so a high amount of SPF is not necessary for me. Please remember to use sunscreen when having sun/heat exposure in general). - Another important factor to me is my skincare &' make-up. I usually do not wear make-up, especially during the summer, so skincare is important to me. This does not have the "brightening" properties that Shiseido and Pond's (Philippines/Thai) has, so that would be the only con. However, I usually rely on having a good serum & toner to do the lightening for me rather than my moisturizer.

Would I recommend this? - Yes, to anyone who has dry/normal/comination skin (and who may be also looking for a good, oil-free, moisturizer with SPF). ** Although, I am not 100% close to being completely happy with how this product worked out for me I have seen this work quite well for other people ... just not anybody with oily skin. I do recommend this even though I feel like the counter workers gypped me - Maybe, to people with dry skin. I do think that this could be "buildable" enough to get the moisture needed. If a person has dry skin and would like to try this, I would also recommend the Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydrating Mist (By Benefit, as well) prior to application.

** I thought I loved this product and would be repurchasing it, but I've been using it for over 6 months now and it stopped working efficiently for me at around 3 months. I still have a large amount of the bottle left, so I may give it to one of my family members or friends.

** I went back to this product after stepping away from it for about a month to see if there was anything I could change to make this product work for me again, but it did not. I wish it did, but it doesn't.

Sidenote: I feel that a large part of the reason I am most disappointed by this product/the line is because the Benefit Employees at my counter told me that this would be great for oily skin especially out of all of the skin types because it's easier to build up rather than build down. I had three of them telling me that this is going to be a much cheaper version of the Shiseido Skincare line I adore and that I could get more out of it, too. At first it worked, but not even a full halfway into the bottle it became ineffective on my skin. I went back to ask if there was anything I was doing wrong that could make this happen and one of the same employees told me that this was targeted toward combination/normal skin and not oily.

Lisa C.

I wasn't to big of a fan of this moisturizer, i found it to be very tacky and sticky feeling and after I applied it I left my face feeling like it had a layer of something on it instead of absorbing into my skin. It did moisturize but not how I would like it to for the price.

Kimberly M.
lightweight, illuminating

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about its "brightening" power, which was a selling point.

After a few uses, I found it to be a quick-absorbing, line-diminishing wonder product. Not enough for nighttime, but perfect under makeup. Probably best for skin over 30 (like mine) that needs a little more hydration.

Melissa P.

I've been searching for what feels like forever for that perfect moisturizer for my combo skin and I've FINALLY found it with Triple Performing. I'm in love! It's really light but gives great hydration, smells absolutely amazing, and absorbs really quickly. Definitely won't switch to another moisturizer - the whole Benefit face moisturizer collection is just amazing, and this product is no different!

Emma G.

i have..god knows how many different moisturizers in my house, and although most do the job i can whole heartedly say this is my MUST HAVE, i use it every single day. It's beautifully and elegantly packaged, it smells clean and fresh without being overbearing. And lastly serves its purpose it's a light moisturizer which is perfect for everyday use, it leaves you feeling hydrated and best of all NOT OILY! sinks in super fast, i recommend anyone to buy it! :)

Katie D.
Holy Grail Moisturizer

This is the first skincare item I've tried from Benefit's new line...and I'm thoroughly impressed. I wear it under my foundation as my daytime moisturizer and it is the perfect moisturizer for this purpose. It is very light and totally not greasy. It really doesn't have much of a scent (to me anyway) and i love that I don't smell like I just threw sunscreen on my face. I feel like my skin has really benefited (ha ha pun intended) from this product and it is smoother and i get a lot less greasy during the day. I totally recommend this product!!