Family Resemblance?


I've always known that (Bessie) Wallis Simpson Warfield was my distant cousin, but I never saw much of a resemblance until my friend said she can see it. I did up some heavy contour with the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in "Electric Blue" and "Milk" and dark red lips to create the contrast in black and white. What do you think, do we look related?

  • Added Jun 06, 2013

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Feb 16, 2014

Lara C.

Eyebrows, nose and mouth!!! same thing... however your eye shape is differdnt different. thats amazing.

Jan 25, 2014

Lisa M.

When I first seen it..before I read the image description I thought it was the same person. After I read the description is when I noticed the differences. So all in all, I'd have to say "Yes."

Jan 30, 2014

Emily W.

Haha wow! I don't think I would want to be the same person as her (she doesn't/didn't have the nicest reputation) but I'm kind of surprised how much people think we look alike.

Oct 07, 2013

Stephanie S.

I see it(:

Sep 28, 2013

Lauren D.

I definitely see it!  beautiful!

Jan 30, 2014

Emily W.

Thanks doll!

Jul 11, 2013

Adriana C.

Yes! Very very alike

Jun 18, 2013

Alma M.

This is absolutely awesome  :-)

Jun 18, 2013

Emily W.

Thanks dear! :)

Jun 12, 2013

Andrea M.


Jun 18, 2013

Emily W.

Ha! I still don't think so, but others can see it.