Woot! All about the brows, baby! =D

Eyes: Benefit's creaseless cream shadow in "Skinny Jeans", MAC e/s in "Smoke and Diamonds" [thanks Tiffany D. for the combo], Typographic, Carbon, Kid [transition color]. Shroom [highlight]

  • Added Mar 15, 2011

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Jul 17, 2011

Robin A.

Hay sexy!!! Your just so absolutely beautiful ^^

Apr 05, 2011

Rachel E.

Your eyebrows truly are amazing. I'm so jealous!! I have to work so hard to make mine look remotely good :-/ gorgeous! 

Apr 06, 2011

Soma S.

Hahah, it took a lot of work and they're still sparse from being thin for so many years... not like they were pencil brows, but I decided to give the fuller look a go, and I'm digging it it! =D

Apr 06, 2011

Soma S.

ps: I get really tempted to give myself crazy-fierce eyebrows like Syler from the show Heroes... haha.

Apr 08, 2011

Rachel E.

Dude, you totally should!! His eyebrows are awesome. For some reason, I'm always on the look out for nice eyebrows... I'm weird like that lol but I mean, they can make or break a face in my opinion!