Beauty Product Reviews

I've tried everything. when I tried TOO FACED BROW ENVY KIT for the first time the only thing I was thinking was finally a product that makes my eyebrows seem shapely and natural.i will definitely buy again

I could not imagine my daily life without this product I have oily skin and the too faced re-fresh oil blotting papers solved my problem with a simple flick my skin returns as it was in the morning when I did my makeup five stars with the hands down

It became one of my favorite palettes when i used it and i was suprised with the color performance. its the ideal palette for natural make up and brown smokey eye and its a "must have" for everyones collection. five stars definately

love it

this is my fvrt palette nice color and beautifull Texture .i use it all the time . αγαπημένη μου παλέτα τα χρώματα βγαίνουν υπέροχα και έχουν πολύ μαλακιά υφή. έχω την παραπάνω παλέτα και πραγματικά θέλω να τις πάρω όλες. nyx i love you.

i love it

i love this lipstick i have done a video revie if you like to see. very nice colors. ειναι τόσο όμορφα κραγιον που όλο το καλοκαιρι δεν τα αποχορίστικα ουτε στηγμη,θα αγοράσω πάλι

I love this product its have, first good smell, second good filing on my hair and if you won’t a product for deep treatments that’s your macademia natural oil the best. I use 2 months ago and I don’t won’t to use something else