Beauty Product Reviews

Didn't work for me ...

I didn't like it at all. It lacks pigmentation no matter how much you apply!! The packaging is very small too. And all colors of them are too shimmery for me. I brought Coral rose for me but got disappointed on very first use!!! I won't recommend it to anyone.

Not bad At ALL

I got them last year and i really like there colors and price. I have to re coat my nail for 3 times to get exact color and it really piss me off some times. They dry very quickly. Its applicator is super amazing. They last for a week not more than that . . . But its okay for me xD

One of the BEST ! ! !

They have amazing quality fluffy and super soft. They are very good for beginners like me =) It has everything you need. One of my fav is blush brush. If you cannot get MAC than go for it. They are earth friendly and good investment ! ! !

I LOVEE IT ! ! !

Its one of the bestest Mascara i have ! ! ! It works like magic for me. I love they way it makes my lashes curl and give amazing volume to my lashes. It's wand is super amazing and its very easy to apply. It last for whole day. . . And i'm definitely going to buy it again m again =)

I love there colors ! !

I have few of them and it works good for me. Its dry very quickly and the colors are amazing! ! ! I am not much happy with the brush because its kinda thick for me but beside that they are pretty good and good price. They last for week or more which is absolutely fine for me =)