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Mono Powder Blush

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Marili I.

I LOVE this blush.I have used this blush for 5years. I use color "Misty rose". It's so suddle and pretty,sparkles are very flattering, leaves a healthy natural look,instantly gives you a warm glow.

Katie J.

I was not impressed by this product. I had to put several layers on for the color to show up even a little. For someone who is in a rush to get ready in the morning that is the last thing I want to have to deal with. I want it to show up the first time, not the third. The color itself, once it was on, was pretty and flattering. Even if you're on a tight budget, there are lots of better options at the same price point.

Alina R.
Tickle Me Pink

This product does what it says it will do - Lasting Finish. The fact that it was under $10, was awesome and it proved that it can do - just perfect amount of color.

eRsa R.
Didn't work for me ...

I didn't like it at all. It lacks pigmentation no matter how much you apply!! The packaging is very small too. And all colors of them are too shimmery for me. I brought Coral rose for me but got disappointed on very first use!!! I won't recommend it to anyone.

Kimberly L.
Lacks pigmentation

I hate to give negative reviews, but this blush was a disappointment. As the title says, the pigmentation or lack of, was awful. The packaging was extremely cheap, and there was too much shimmer. Plus, the product itself is very small.

shandy e.
Not Enough Pigment

Rimmel makes great eye and lip liners and some of their foundation make-up is very good - but for some reason, they just don't quite have it right when it comes to their eye shadow and blush. There simply wasn't enough pay-off with this powder blush - no matter how much was applied. And the case is rather flimsy and doesn't travel well.


Tanya R.


Peach C.
My favorite Blush (one of them)
Photo of product included with review by Peach C.

I love the color of this blush that is santa rose. Its nice and not over the top.the color is perfect for summers where you dont want any harsh colors. The pigmentation is nice and price is reasonable too.the texture is smooth and soft and the packaging is handy to carry around

Anita S.

I'm not sure which shade I have now, but it was cheap (onsale) which was very nice as I have a small small budget. You can make it look stronger or more natural - slight shimmers that you may not like because with shimmers I find it's not so natural? Which is the only thing I'm marking it down for :)

It's easy to blend out with my hands if I add too much , which is good. Just not sure how long it stays :)

Huda A.
pigmented, love the price

this is wounderful. The pink shades in this r so beautiful. you can apply them light handedly for a subtle effect, or harder for a strong effect. they blend very well on your make up. they look natural