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Beauty Product Reviews

Finally something yellow-based! Plus it covers up my dark circles as well as a few little acne marks I have on my skin. The shade golden matches my skin perfectly so when I want to use it alone I can. I like that is creamy and blends easily but I find there are days where it does settle into a few fine lines I've developed, but I just set it with a little bit of powder. I usually apply it with my fingers and dab it on the areas I need coverage, it doesn't add too much but if I want a much lighter application I use a brush and then gently press it into my skin. This is one of the best concealers on the market right now, I love it.

The only brush you need!

Oh how I love this brush, I have multiples for a reason and they last for a very long time. I've had one for well over 5 years. It has a variety of uses, I've used it for concealer, eyeshadow, powder to set, eye primer, as well as cream shadows. Not to mention it really is the perfect size for on the eye and under the eye.

Just go buy it :)

Great deal for $28 but I wouldn't pay more than that.

I am a huge Urban Decay fan and at this point I've got almost all of their shadows over the course of like 9 years. But this BOS really fell short, the shadows are starting to lack originality which is understandable because of the high amount of shades they've come out with over the years. And of course there are the repeats like Baked. It does have a few cool colors but like i said, nothing special. But they're extremely pigmented and blendable. The mascara is okay, nothing to really write home about. The eyeliner fades within hours on my hooded lids and well the udpp never worked for me.

The book itself is cool and I like the idea, they definitely tried to do something different with the usb drive and the mini-speakers (which i use for my ipod for regular music play). Like someone said it is a bit gimmicky and that cool factor wears away quickly. Overall it isn't a terrible product but Urban Decay has come out with better, take advantage of the low price while you can.

The only primer for my oily lids

Trying to find a primer to solve my oily lid issue was getting difficult, I always had my two faced shadow insurance which worked well but only lasted about 6 hours. This one here lasts at least 10 hours and I love how my shadow grabs onto to it, even keeps my gel liner put. But be sure not to use too much because it does have a tendency to turn this ashy white color on your lid if too much is applied.

These cream illuminators replaced my NARS Albatross. They look natural on my dry skin rather than the Albatross which could look a bit dry after a few hours of wear. I passed these up because I didn't think they would show on my darker skin until a NARS artist showed me how to properly use it. I've been hooked ever since, I use it on my cheekbones, browbone, and cupids bow in a patting motion. It gives me a wonderful glow for almost 8 hours, my favorite shades are orgasm and copacana, and in summer, i live in the laguna one :)

My go to natural palette

I absolutely hated the UD Naked Palette so I went on a search for my own "perfect" natural palette, this is it! It is perfect for my warmer undertones and darker skin. I love how they give you a variety of finishes to the shadows, I can go matte, shimmery or glittery, or some combination of the three. Each one of the colors is extremely pigmented and easy to blend and work with. The size, even more perfect because it can easily fit in my makeup bag when I travel.

I wanted to like this foundation but it just isn't a great color match. If you're on the darker end I would probably pass this up, there are really only 2 shades that even come close to our skin tone range, even then, you have to take into consideration undertones. I tried deep and while it looked okay for a few minutes, it quickly turned red and orange on me, definitely not for the yellow undertone folks. The feel is very lightweight and smooth, looks flawless on the skin but it isn't full coverage, maybe medium at best if you build.

These are amazing! I was actually surprised at how pigmented and how long wearing they are. I have naturally oily lids and everything except MUFE aqua creams crease on me, but these last for almost 3 hours without any creasing and all day long if i put a primer underneath them. I have to say these are much better than MAC paint pots yet not better than the MUFE aqua creams. If you can still track these down, they are a very affordable way of getting colorful cream bases.

I wish I could say I like this but unfortunately for me, it leaves my lids and oily mess within the hour. I feel like they've changed something because I started using it years ago when it first came out and it never did that, but suddenly the formulation changed and its never been the same for me. I have better success with NARS Smudge Proof Eye primer, last about 7 hours for me.