Beauty Product Reviews

Keep your makeup looking fresh all day

I must say this is the best makeup setting spray I've tried. Like others I have used Model in a Bottle and other pore-minimizing or mattifying products to keep my makeup looking fresh and shininess away, but this is the best and a lot cheaper too!

Effortless Blending...

I love this!!!! This sponge does the work of several blushes. Wonderful for contouring and highlighting! The blending is seemless and enables your foundation and powders go the distance.

LOVE THEM Very Photo Friendly!!!

If you are shooting a video or having pictures taken, this is the lip product to use!!! Use a good lip conditioner, especially if your lips feather easily before applying for the best results. I first bought these in Plum and Vintage. At first I was apprehensive about the lip tars, because I underestimated how highly pigmented these actually were!!! However, the colors mix easily with each other, your lipliner and lipstick so well you can create endless shade possibilities. I am actually wearing Plum in my profile pic and have used it in several of my tutorials on Youtube. Plum was actually lighter (or pinker) than what I thought it would be for my complexion, but I just line it with a deep plum liner and blend the liner inwardly to create a beautiful shade! I could also see using these with MAC Clear Lipglass for a pretty gloss. The OCC website has a promo going on right now through 7/29/11 where they are set of 6 of the lip tars (colors are in pre-selected) for $50! I've ordered 10 altogether, so that I may play with these colors further. LOVE!!!

Not the greatest pigmentation compared to others, but nice to have

I have these in Glisten, Obscure, Saturate and Clove. The color pay-off you get with these depends on the medium you use with them. Colors like Obscure will go on more like a wash by itself, but will appear more opaque when applied wet. As others have mentioned these colors stay on longer with the help of a primer, base or if you apply them wet. However, if I were looking for a loose pigment eyeshadow with the most pigmentation it would not be OCC's honestly. You could get the same amount of pigmentation for less money with NYX's Loose Pigments in my honest opinion. That being said I've worn Glisten over my lipgloss just yesterday and the effect was beautiful.

Love their A/B Blushes and Highlighters

Their airbrush foundations are wonderful, but I think their airbrush blushes and highlighters really stand out from the other brands I've tried, since I've been doing airbrushed makeup. They all come out in a very thin, but buildable application which is ideal for airbrushed makeup. Others I've tried will clog my gun if I'm not careful. Great product and well formulated. Love!!! I've even used it in two of my Youtube tutorials.

My Go-To Mascara!

I have very short lashes and this is my go-to mascara. It makes my lashes look long and full when I do not feel like applying false eyelashes. I can apply several coats of this mascara without worrying about it clumping, which is a plus.

Great Eyeshadow bases, but may crease so use a primer!

If you want to find an cream eyeshadow base in for any powder eyeshadow, then NYX Jumbo pencils are the way to go! They glide on for better control and its easy to spread product once it applied. Many makeup gurus use Milk, the white jumbo eyeshadow pencil, as a base for bright colors and pastels. However, the NYX Eyeshadow Base is a better option and creases less. Speaking of creasing, you may need to use an eyeshadow primer underneath these otherwise it may crease.

Great palette for any MUA or Beauty Junkie to have in their arsenal. Everyone needs at least one good neutral palette!

Great palette for any MUA or Beauty Junkie to have in their arsenal. Everyone needs at least one good neutral palette! I was so happy one night when I found it at Ulta.

Addicted to NARS

I have Orgasm, Dolce Vita, Exhibit A, Taos and Albatross, but today I am reviewing Albatross. I know it is classified as a blush, but Albatross makes a great highlighter for all skintones and photographs beautifully. It gives great highlight to those areas you wish to highlight without going overboard. It has a golden tone to it, so if golds do not flatter your skintone I believe Nico may be a better alternative; however, its hard to imagine why anyone would not be able to wear Albatross. Great highlight without looking like a disco ball!!! LOVE NARS!!!

Works well if properly applied

I have three of these shades, but when I first bought them to apply as eyeshadows I was unaware of how to apply them correctly. These are basically grease paints, so you must set them with powder or a powder eyeshadow to set the product otherwise it will melt off of your face/body. Once you set it with powder it is there for the long haul, but you got to set it with powder or have a greasy mess!

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