Flash Color

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Chanel K.
Great pigment!

This product has brilliant color but you must set it with something. If youre like me and just throw it on, expecting it to work. This not the product. It will melt off your face and crease and the color wont be as vibrant. And this happens in a matter of minutes. I have this product in two shades (one in a hot pink) and it does last a long time. I even take the hot pink and pop a little on my lips and blot and its a nice stain. I know thats not what its for but hey, I WANT MY MONEYS WORTH lol

Syreeta H.
Works well if properly applied

I have three of these shades, but when I first bought them to apply as eyeshadows I was unaware of how to apply them correctly. These are basically grease paints, so you must set them with powder or a powder eyeshadow to set the product otherwise it will melt off of your face/body. Once you set it with powder it is there for the long haul, but you got to set it with powder or have a greasy mess!