Ben Nye

Final Seal Spray

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Aurora H.
Keeps Makeup on...almost indefinitely!

I recently purchased this product because I had heard from several different sources that it was one of the best options for keeping makeup flawless-looking. Let me just say, this setting spray seems to be able to accomplish miracles. I did my sister's makeup on a morning when she was going into the city for the day. Her makeup looked absolutely perfect and fresh when she came back home at almost eleven at night. Then, she ended up sleeping in her makeup(I know, bad idea!) and the next morning, her makeup still looked completely wearable, everything from her concealer to her eyeshadow(which was a dark smokey eye) still looked fantastic. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a "holy grail" setting spray!

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Lindsey N.
Bulletproof Makeup for WAY LESS

This product is an amazing makeup sealant. My sister is in the theatre industry (which Ben Nye is a theatre makeup line) and suggested this to me. I used this on my wedding day, and have been addicted to it ever sense. It feels refreshing on your skin (peppermint), sprays evenly, and does not make you sticky or oily. Dries perfectly and your makeup is guaranteed to stay all day.

Tallia W.
Setting your makeup

I have been using this product since I discovered it in 2004. It is a great makeup sealer and your makeup will not move all day. It reasonable can last a long time.

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Brandy R.
BEST makeup setting spray EVER

BEST makeup setting spray that I have EVER used (not to mention that it's a lot cheaper than most setting sprays that under-perform)! It's like a breath mint for your face!

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Syreeta H.
Keep your makeup looking fresh all day

I must say this is the best makeup setting spray I've tried. Like others I have used Model in a Bottle and other pore-minimizing or mattifying products to keep my makeup looking fresh and shininess away, but this is the best and a lot cheaper too!

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Kym  O.

I stopped using my Model in a Bottle after I used Final Seal. I have very oily skin & I don't have to blot throughout the day. A Must Have!!

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