Beauty Product Reviews

A staple.

The smell of this product is just summary goodness. My favorite thing about this product is the no white cast. I'm a brunette and most sprays leave a white cast, but this one does not. You do have to work it into your hair but that is to be expected. Another thing I love is the light weight feel. Some texture sprays leave my hair feeling like there is a coating on the hair strands, but this one is very light weight and leaves zero feeling on the hair. This is my second time buying this and I will keep repurchasing. It always gives my hair the lift it needs on days when I have not washed my hair. Love this spray.

Not my favorite.

I'm not really sure what I was expecting out of this expensive brush. I read reviews that claimed this brush did not pull out hair, but I did experience my hiring being pulled with this one. Also, the grip is so small so it is hard to get a good amount of hair in the barrel for blow drys. I found I had to keep stopping to re-grasp the hair. My blow dry took so long to get through because I had to keep re-grasping the hair and trying again. This might be a good brush for shorter hair, but my hair is thick and very long and I found myself having such a very hard time getting through the bow dry session. Very disappointed with this product. I love their shampoo and will stick with that. The brush is a no-go for long, thick hair.

A winner!

I went Oribe crazy and some things were a miss, but this was a win for me. I know some experienced having a hard time washing it out, but I did not have any issues. I only use a quarter size amount throughout my mid-length hair and it gives just the right amount. I love that the smell is the same as the signature scent, anything Tom Ford scented is divine. I do see my hair so much shinier and healthier when using this product. I waited a good two months to review it fully and I definitely feel a difference. Just keep in mind, everything takes time to work. Do not expect overnight texture changes. I felt a difference after about four uses (a month of use). I dyed my hair back in March and thanks to this product added to my routine, my hair feels healthier again.

I have them ALL....

I love love these! PLEASE stock Pillow Talk!!!! I have been stalking this site for you guys to get that one. The formula of these is gorgeous and I love that you get two products in one. The highlight color in the middle is subtle but beautiful. The outside ring color is darker and the two combined together is just such a beautiful combination!! Please stock pillow talk!!! xoxo

Let's talk.

I first want to say right off the top that I LOVE this scent. I remember watching an old Seinfeld episode where Calvin Klein made a scent called the beach that Kramer claimed they stole from him. Hilarious! I would imagine that if we could smell that scent, this would be it. It smells like a beach day out in Hawaii !! It is a very subtle scrumptious scent. The moment I spray this on, I want to hug everyone. It has just the right tones of sweet pistachio without smelling like a bakery or obnoxious. I am very sensitive to scents and some give me a headache if they are too sweet but this doesn't do that. I purchased the perfume because when I sampled the toilette it did not have any lasting power AT ALL. I am sad to say that the parfume is also pretty non-existent on my skin after just an hour. I can still smell it on my skin but very very light and you would literally have to be hugged up on me to smell it. It does not radiate off the skin or turn heads when walking into a room. That is why I only gave it four stars. I am so sad because this thing cost a car payment, so I was expecting it to last a week even with showers. I think for the price, Tom Ford needs to make some adjustments to the wear and longevity aspect of the fragrance. The smell is so good, I am keeping mine but know it won't last since I have to reapply.


This item has been a staple in my skin care routine for YEARS and I am so excited to see that Beautylish now carries Caudalie!! This spray is most definitely for sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin and it is perfect. I use it to tone after I cleanse my face. I also use it to wet my face before putting on my May Lindstrom Blue cocoon moisturizer. It smells amazing. It has a very fine mist which is perfect for setting makeup. I have gone through So many bottles of this and will always re-purchase.

I see a difference

When I started to use this toner I immediately saw a difference with my small acne breakouts. Usually around that time of the month I tend to get the two painful acne bumps but since using this, I get maybe one small one that isn't painful at all. I honestly haven't seen a difference with oil control or black heads as of yet, but I am hopeful that as I continue to use this I will see that difference as well. I will have to update you.

I took off one star because the smell! When you first apply it, it actually smells nice and fruity BUT after you pat it into the skin it immediately changes and the best way to describe the smell is dirty wet rag! lol Literally smells like a sponge or rag that has been left out too long while still wet. I hate it! Luckily I finish off my skin care with the may lindstrom blue cocoon balm and that smell helps mask this one for sure. I couldn't leave it on my face alone, too pungent. lol


I received this for my birthday in April and I use it every night. After I cleanse I do apply a toner, serum and then I finish with spraying my caudalie beauty elixir and while my skin is still wet I apply a small pea size amount into my skin. It is like drinking a 32oz bottle of water. My skin instantly feels refreshed, rejuvenated & moisturized. I LOVE this. It helps me with small break outs and the texture on my skin has gotten a lot smoother. I do have eczema on my cheeks and when it flares up, this product really helps with relieving the redness. MY skin thanks me every morning. CANNOT ever be without this product!


I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this balm. It soothes my irritated skin so well. I have bad rosacea that gets irritated for any little thing and this does such a great job at soothing it. I also notice that around my monthly cycle when I have break outs, I put a small amount of this on my face and the next morning my face is calm and pimples minimal. The smell of this is also so very calming and soothing. It feels greasy when you first work it into the skin but the feeling goes away. I wake up with my skin so calm, supple and moisturized. I love it! Highly recommend this. Cannot go without it


You know when a lip gloss is amazing when your husband who is sick in a hospital bed sees you and the first thing he says is "your lip gloss is so beautiful!" I mean, enough said! This gloss has beautiful flex of gold in it so when the light hits it, it looks so shimmering and gorgeous. I love the pink undertone it gives as well. You can pair this lip with anything which is another reason why I love it. I went to buy a back up of this one (High Speed Sonnet) and could cry seeing they no longer have it on beautylish. Please bring it back so I can by two more!!!

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