Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment

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Dinah G.
A winner!

I went Oribe crazy and some things were a miss, but this was a win for me. I know some experienced having a hard time washing it out, but I did not have any issues. I only use a quarter size amount throughout my mid-length hair and it gives just the right amount. I love that the smell is the same as the signature scent, anything Tom Ford scented is divine. I do see my hair so much shinier and healthier when using this product. I waited a good two months to review it fully and I definitely feel a difference. Just keep in mind, everything takes time to work. Do not expect overnight texture changes. I felt a difference after about four uses (a month of use). I dyed my hair back in March and thanks to this product added to my routine, my hair feels healthier again.

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it is from HK, really quick, but......

The delivery is really quick, but this item possibly expires the date, because it smells like a bottle of oil which has been in your kitchen for years............... don't think I will shop in this website.

ruth f.

My hair became soft. And the hair is not as dry. I put on dry hair about 20 minutes before my head is washed. Expensive but worth the money

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Zack K.
love it

i put my hair in a ponytail and apply this to the ends for 20-25 minutes. really love how soft and hydrated it makes my ends. i definitely notice a difference. you need to shampoo 3x and really work the product out, a little goes a long way. the first time i used this i couldn't get the product out because i used WAY too much. once you figure out how much to use, you'll love it.

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