Sunday Riley

Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner


Lorraine C.
My skin is soft!!

It does help appt with mattifying my skin!(I have very oily skin), I've only used it for a few days now so shrinkage of my pores might take a little while. Tbh the only reason I rated it 4 stars was because of the weird scent it gives, besides that I love it!!

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Dinah G.
I see a difference

When I started to use this toner I immediately saw a difference with my small acne breakouts. Usually around that time of the month I tend to get the two painful acne bumps but since using this, I get maybe one small one that isn't painful at all. I honestly haven't seen a difference with oil control or black heads as of yet, but I am hopeful that as I continue to use this I will see that difference as well. I will have to update you.

I took off one star because the smell! When you first apply it, it actually smells nice and fruity BUT after you pat it into the skin it immediately changes and the best way to describe the smell is dirty wet rag! lol Literally smells like a sponge or rag that has been left out too long while still wet. I hate it! Luckily I finish off my skin care with the may lindstrom blue cocoon balm and that smell helps mask this one for sure. I couldn't leave it on my face alone, too pungent. lol

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