Beauty Product Reviews

ff I love anything with a monogram on it! It's classy and timeless and is just plain fun! This bag is great because it's so roomy and it has a waterproof liner on the inside which makes it the ideal travel pouch for toiletries or frequent swimmers! There is room for all your liquids

These are the most amazing brushes

These brushes are so amazing, and they fill so many missing holes in my Japanese Brush collection!!!

The angle and flatter head on the large powder brush is perfect for contouring. And the tiny lip brush is so precise, I have found it also works wonderfully as an eyeliner brush.

Perfect collection!

Just the right amount of peachiness!

What an amazing color! I am really really pale and it is hard to find just the right nude shade, most are too beige and make me look - well 1970's crazy. Not Nude Kate!!! This shade is just peach enough to give the perfect nude color, plus my lips feel amazingly hydrated. I wore it with the Lip Cheat Lip Liner from Charlotte in Iconic Nude - the perfect liner with this lipstick!

OKay, enough about the lipstick - the packaging is amazing. It is a beautiful rose gold, that reminds me of the 1930's. It is by far the most gorgeous packaging that I have ever seen. The luxe packaging plus and amazing nude would be the perfect present, that is if you can bear to give it away.

Perfect for travel or late nights

These have been the rescue for my sensitive skin when traveling! I have tried other wipes but they have left my skin dry and irritated.

Travel = being off schedule, new climates, late nights (and for me, late night coding hackathons). When this happens, my careful skincare routine goes out the window! And boy does my skin suffer. Minor breakouts have been the least of my on-the-road problems. Late at night, Redbull and computer in hand, I can quickly get my make-up off, throw on a bit of moisturizer, and keep coding.

No eye irritation. No around the nose irritation. Just a clean & fresh looking face the next day, even if I am feeling less than awake. ;) I just pack a few in my luggage in a ziplock, and I am good to go. For someone with skin as sensitive as mine, these are a wonderful quick option when you need something on the go!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing

I just got rms coconut cream a couple of weeks ago and so far it is my new go to wonder cream. I have blonde eyelashes so during the day I have to get that mascara deep down to the lash line or I tend to look pretty crazy. But at night, with super sensitive skin, getting it all off was a huge chore. Everything else I have tried has left my skin irritated, mascara residue in my lashline or both. Not to mention the "peek to see if your face is clean" cleanser in the eye. So I was all but resigned to ending the day with pink teary eyes and pink skin and my better half wondering why I was crying.

But this coconut cream saved me!!! Just a tiny amount quickly gets even the in between eyelash mascara out, I can even peek to check. I don't even need to moisturize, since this doesn't leave my skin dry and irritated, just moisturized and refreshed. Just to show I stuck some liquid liner on my hand, let it dry for an hour and you can see how well it works with no irritation.

And it smells like heaven, my only problem is everytime I use it I get cravings for coconut cake....

Just Amazing!

Okay, one could go on and on an on about how moisturizing, rich and luxurious this product is. So I will leave that to the others.

But the smell is heaven! When you go home, and you hear "This may sound odd, but your face, it smells so good. Like your whole face, wow! It smells so good, what is that can I try? I mean you look great, but your face, it smells so like wow! " you know something is extra special.

Oh yeah, and it makes you look glowie too!

Great for Natural Redheads!

As a natural red head, it is hard to find any products tailored for my blond eyelashes and brows. This product is the perfect fit. For days where I want to just look like I have any eyelashes at all this product does the trick for both my lashes and brows. I just want to hug this product. Without it I would have a unibrow that only I would be abe to see, but that is still one uni-brow too many. Thanks to Anastasia for helping us pale redheads!

Rudolph, you can keep your red nose!

As a very fair skinned person - when I get mad, my nose turns the color of Rudolph's. This is hilarious at home for my family - but not for me. This is the first concealer I have found that lets me get thru a whole day at work, plus home time while hiding my red nosed secret. The three colors really let you match the perfect under eye concealer and perfect nose concealer. So for me, I am leaving the red nose to Rudolph, and using this great product.