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Pomegranate Cleansing & Makeup Removing Wipes

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Diane W.
Perfect for travel or late nights

These have been the rescue for my sensitive skin when traveling! I have tried other wipes but they have left my skin dry and irritated.

Travel = being off schedule, new climates, late nights (and for me, late night coding hackathons). When this happens, my careful skincare routine goes out the window! And boy does my skin suffer. Minor breakouts have been the least of my on-the-road problems. Late at night, Redbull and computer in hand, I can quickly get my make-up off, throw on a bit of moisturizer, and keep coding.

No eye irritation. No around the nose irritation. Just a clean & fresh looking face the next day, even if I am feeling less than awake. ;) I just pack a few in my luggage in a ziplock, and I am good to go. For someone with skin as sensitive as mine, these are a wonderful quick option when you need something on the go!