Beauty Product Reviews

ive always heard amazing things about the orgasm blush. so when i saw the 25 anniversary palette go on sale at saks, i was like hmmm i can try it in that and if i dont like it at least i have some new shadows to try. i must say i like that blush but its not really a blush on my skintone. i almost feel like it blends with my skin [even though im not pink] but i dont get too much color payoff. its more of a highlight color with a slight pink undertone. when i tried to build up the color my cheeks just started looking metallic. maybe in the summer and spring i can wear it as a highlight but other than that, its just another blush in my collection.

this is by far my favorite red lipstick. i have this in the color currant and i had to hunt this baby down. i was at Saks during the holidays on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick. i feel like its hard to find one that compliments my skin tone. their either to pinky, or too orange and i already have big lips. i dont want to look like a clown with candy apple red lips. so when the lady at the laura mercier counter found this one I DIED ! its the perfect red. its a deeper red so it doesnt make my lips stand out too much but its such a classic color. they were sold out to so i had to have one sent to me but its absolutely amazing ! it lasts a long time for me, doesnt bleed, goes on smooth. its a lliitttlleeee dry feeling but i normally start off with a lip balm so that helps alot.

one of my favorite perfumes right now. i normally dont like floral scents but this one seems to almost have a hint of spice to it. i get soooo many compliments when i wear which i think makes me have to buy it so often because i like to bathe in it. i got this as a christmas gift a year ago and have worn it ever since !