Flora By Gucci


Laaya A.

MY FAVORITE PERFUME EVER! I love it a lot. I'm not really good with describing smells, but this gives a floral and very sweet smell. It's strong if you spray too much, but when I used it, people would complement my scent. I honestly would have to say that I never really like any perfume as much as this one!

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Danielle J.

one of my favorite perfumes right now. i normally dont like floral scents but this one seems to almost have a hint of spice to it. i get soooo many compliments when i wear which i think makes me have to buy it so often because i like to bathe in it. i got this as a christmas gift a year ago and have worn it ever since !

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Rabiah A.
The awesomeness perfume ever

I tried this perfume in the cosmetic shop .... It smells soooooo good . So em gonna buy this perfume in this july soooonnn. ( best perfume ) i love itttttttttt...........

Amy M.
I like it a lot

This lotion is just diferent from the eau the toilette in the consistency and way to apply but it smell the same way and also lasts a lot. it also lets its scent on my clothes too. I mean it is great. I also have the shower gel. i don't like to use them together becauae i think it is too much but i use the gel shower only on my hair , a single drop is enough to get the scent on it for hours and it is great when i let my hair be free because with the air the scent spreads around deliciuosly.

Yasmine G.
All Time Fave

LOVE! This was my signature scent but since it's really hard to find now I had to move on from it /: I highly recommend it though, I received tons of compliments wearing it. (:

Andreea B.
One of the best!

Its main floral scent and the sweetness (but not not too overwhelming) makes it one of my favorite perfumes of all times. It's great for any season but i mostly wear it on spring and summer since it makes me feel so happy. :)

Pamela W.

My favorite perfume ever! The smell is just amazing and its not over powering. This is one of the very few scents that will last me for a while.

Summer W.

Probably the best perfume ever made I LOVE this and so does anyone I pass by its absolutely incredible! Its feminine and lovely and clean its amazing I have not met one person that did not drool when they smell this on me! Incredible perfume!

Shavon A.
Light & Sweet

I bought this perfume last year and I absolutely Love It! I think its perfect for the summer months, not too strong but just enough to leave an impression.

Ashley D.
Love this scent!

I've only had a sample tube of Flora, but I'm in love with it. It's a bit pricey, so I haven't yet bought my own bottle but I will as soon as I can!